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Number 474, June 29, 2008

"These are beings perfectly willing to kill
you and your children for your own good."

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The Central Theme of Democracy
by Robert Jackman

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

ENRON California Energy Scam, Mortgage Crisis Scam, Peak Oil Scam, S&L Scam, War Scams, FRB Scam, and the Commodities Scam about to burst:

Who pays? Who is convicted? Who Bails out Who?

Everybody pays.

This is the central theme of Democracy. Our Democracy. Any Democracy. An Example:

How many people know gasoline is subsidized something over $5 a gallon, but since corporations don't pay taxes (except to collect them via pass through to consumers) the real price people pay for gas is closer to $15 due to the fact that they pay through the back door via income taxes, including the protection racket of national defense to "protect" oil in foreign countries and shipment to ports all over earth on our dime.

The $4 you pay at the pump is only a down payment.

Next time some so called free market pirate writes for Reason, CEI, Heritage, etc. and complains about a 51 cent subsidy on Ethanol You might remember what subsidies you are paying for that wonder of monopolies, gasoline. Which with Big Pharma and Fiat Banking owns politicians everywhere.

FYI, Oil companies got a change in Legislation some years back: The party blending ethanol(*) with a bit of gasoline gets to pocket the 51 cent subsidy.

A bit of an under reported fact, wouldn't You say?

The next time a man or woman of the People start waxing eloquent on the Blessings of Democracy remember the facts above and know the laws passed to make this happen are draining the Productive class in America and fattening wallets in D.C. and some on Wall Street who have not earned it, except through "Pull" as Ayn Rand would have said.

If enough people knew the above facts, We could get a Jesse Ventura to run in every office in the land and vote out all incumbents. It is this subsidy and thousands like it that are bleeding the economy dry. We could do so without a shot being fired. Anyone interested in seeing Liberty in our Time?

It's time to stop sharing pain with everyone and return to individual responsibility.

Only then will the Scams wherein We all have to pay, End.


* (E-85 is a blend of from 2% to 30% gasoline according to season. Another fine mess mandated by Big Oil and Detroit)


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