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Number 474, June 29, 2008

"These are beings perfectly willing to kill
you and your children for your own good."

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The True Radicals
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Hopefully this won't cost the liberty movement too many members. On the other hand, maybe these are the members we can do without.

Libertarians are not subversive (adjective, not noun). We are in fact the opposite of subversive, at least in the United States of America. In the USA the Government was created specifically to assure and protect the freedom of the people (as in a group of individuals pursuing their proper, private goals, not some group acting out on the "collective will" created for us by overblown party hacks and their media spin doctors.).

Currently the government of the United States is controlled by people who view the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence as a bunch of pretty words strung together to create a nation-state that can be reshaped and used to carry out their dreams of self-aggrandizement and Nietzschean wills to power, both by using the US as the base of empire and reducing her citizens to subjects.

They give lip service to the Constitution , Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. Many of them also claim to be Christians while worshipping no god other than their own pride and eminence, invoking God's name to support their lies, bringing dishonor to their whole families by their conduct, etc., and so on.

They are the subversives. We just want to restore a government that lives up to the words of our Nation's founding documents. That makes us sob, gasp, reactionaries, those who wish to restore the old order (Actually, the order that nearly but never really was). That makes us just as radical as the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the people who insisted on adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution.

But we are not subversives. So if your membership in the liberty movement is based on maintaining a self image as a subversive, you are in the wrong place. But if your goal is to live up to TLE's brag, "Working to fulfill the promise of the American Revolution," regardless of how it affects your self image, then you are in the right movement.

If you ever check out the old Samurai movies from time to time there is one about rebels against an unjust Shogun who are trying to restore the Emperor. If your support of the Liberty Movement requires you to have a romantic self image, perhaps viewing yourself as a rebel Samurai will fulfill the needs. Perhaps you can just be satisfied that keeping freedom alive in a world dedicated to slavery is perhaps the most radical thing you can do. Just don't buy into the lie told by the enemies of freedom that you, not they, are the true subversive.


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