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Number 475, July 6, 2008

"What was left to celebrate?"

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Mister, Can You Spare a Paradigm?
by Robert Jackman

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Need Food and Fuel cause starvation or hardship?

From the 2007 Book of Numbers:

11 million acres of corn made into Ethanol. (2007)
125 bushels per acre average yield per acre.
18 pounds of DDGS per bushel after Ethanol distillation.

125 x 18 = 2250 lbs per acre. Just over 1.125 tons x 11 million acres = 12.375 million tons of DDGS, 1/3 the shipping weight of raw feeder corn.

Since People can't eat cattle feeder corn, they can take DDGS which is concentrated fat and protein, cheaper to ship, and grow their own fish or mushrooms for protein all over Commodore Algore's Planet.

Mushrooms or Tilapia generate a high ratio of feed to food protein conversion. That means 10 million tons of Tilapia or 12 million tons of mushrooms.

Or 1 million tons of beef.

BTW, Are you tired of risky and illegal drug dealing and having to support aspects of Wall Street and the CIA with Your sales efforts? Tired are you of supporting the Drugs-Fiat-Oil system that strangles us all? Ever think about going straight? 7 cents of DDGS can yield $7 in yummy mushrooms.

12,000,000 tons / 52 = 230,769 tons a week.

1 ton of protein can feed 1333 people 1.5 lbs a week.

Enough protein for 307 million people to stay clear of disease via lack of nutrition, from under 1/7 of our corn land planted last year.

One could argue we could easily feed about 2 billion people their protein via DDGS if only we made Ethanol out of all our Feeder Corn grown here. 3 billion if we also planted the 40 million acre land conservation bank instead of paying farmers not to grow food. Total Ethanol generated: 42 billion gallons of Ethanol, almost a third of our auto fuel needs. (125BPA x 2.8GPA x 120 million acres) Fodder beats can double this fuel number over corn. Cattails on waste land fed primary treated sewage can dwarf the above to net 2500 GPA ethanol and 5000 GPA as methane.

If Europe, India, and Eastern Europe who isn't growing anything on half their land followed suit, there would not be any starvation anywhere on Planet Algore. Were these formally impoverished people once again healthy and strong, they would be working and perhaps buying our products, were our products of a quality deserving purchase.

I am not suggesting anyone pass a law to accomplish this, but the reality is, We can see a steer is not an efficient converter of raw corn to protein when compared to tilapia or mushroom production. Ethanol has changed the marketplace. The old tricks of using The State to pay farmers to over produce corn to keep it cheap and farmers near broke has backfired with war inflation out pacing anything else. At least for a time.

Now, If we could just kill subsidies to Big Oil that dwarf subsidies to Ethanol, we might see Ethanol on a level playing field with gasoline as it was before 1915 when Rockefeller paid to have Prohibition passed which killed Ethanol, Gasoline's only competition.

Having only oil means we have no other choice but to sacrifice good men on the Altar of War to guarantee access to other people's oil in order for our so called friends to steal it. An M.I.C. ten times bigger than we need and all that POWER funneled through the Whore on the Hill in D.C. with stopovers in NYC and London.

Remember, that $4 gas is only a down payment. The real price is closer to $15

See how You can help to unplug from the Big Oil Paradigm:

I am saving about 50 cents a gallon and direct half my fuel dollars local
Visit the FARMY

Here is a fun Flash done by Glen Beck designed to fool and distract, see comments section.


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