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Number 475, July 6, 2008

"What was left to celebrate?"

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Lies on the Instalment Plan
...and Other Matters

The Kaptain's Log
by Kaptain Kanada, a.k.a. Manuel Miles

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Like the proverbial frog which is boiled alive by the gradual increase in temperature of the water in which it sits, the Canadian public are being constantly fed wee bits of imperial nonsense about the Afghan War. The purpose of this is, of course, to avoid a truly heated discussion about what the lying government-licensed media call "our Afghan mission",

It's interesting to note that Ottawa's imperial masters in Washington D.C. admit that they are losing the war to the Taliban and other resistance forces, while the Canadian generals and politicos have been insisting that they are achieving great victories in the Kandahar region—even while the Taliban release the entire population of one of the prisons right under the Pinocchio noses of the occupiers and their puppet forces.

We are told, over and over, that the "Afghan National Army" (an outfit that only exists on paper and in propaganda) is planning, organising and winning great victories against "violence" (resistance to the violence of the invaders and their puppets), and that, any day now, this loose collection of artificial militias will be able to take over the "mission". Nonsense.

Without their masters' bayonets in their backs, the poor fools who have been forced into the puppet armies would desert in a flash. There is no "light at the end of the tunnel", no wonderful programme of building schools and hospitals, only one of giving Canadian taxpayers' money to corrupt stooges of the occupiers under various pretences. It's always the same in every imperial occupation, campers. We saw it in Viet Nam, we see it in occupied Kosovo province of Serbia, we see it in Iraq, and even Karzai, the puppet in Kabul, admits that corruption is the cement that holds his phony "government" together.

So what is really happening in Afghanistan? A classic insurgency by popularly supported forces is being met with the usual ham-fisted, clumsy overkill by the occupiers. The supposed great "victories" of the Canadian and puppet forces are just the Taliban running them around in circles. The fact is that the occupiers occupy only by armed force and that every village which is "seized" by the resistance is only retaken by overwhelming numbers of troops supported by armour and massive airpower—and that, as soon as the occupiers declare their Pyrrhic "victories" and depart, these villages are no longer under their control... until next year's glorious victories. These campaigns are reminiscent of a mad dog chasing its tail.

So how does the Canadian state promote this insanity? The Ottawa propagandists, in addition to their blithering about great victories and progress in "nation [puppet state] building", keep "renewing" the occupation in short installments. "We're soooo close to victory, just give us another two years until 2008..." becomes another three years until 2011, and so on. And Parliament's gutless toadies vote yet another "final" extension of the senseless butchery ordered by their masters in the USA.

So on it goes, and shall go, until the Canadian Armed Farces gets its silly arse handed to it when the inevitable retreat is forced on the occupiers, just as has been done to every idiot in history who thought that Afghanistan could be successfully conquered.

On to another matter: the campaign to demand a national referendum on airport "security" in Canada [see last week's Log] rolls on trying to roll back the police state. I learn a lot each time that I stand in the hot sun on a downtown Victoria street corner with the petition.

One thing that struck me is that several people have told me that they refuse to travel by air (and one even refuses to travel at all) because of the police statism at the airports. Apart from the temporary tactic of a boycott, I think that this is a bad strategy.

I believe that the best way to combat a police state is to refuse to be cowed by it. Stand up to it. Tell the State, "Here I am, I am not afraid, and you can go to hell!" The God-damned State fears nothing more than that attitude, which is why it does, I admit, tend to respond violently to such defiance. If enough people stand up, however, the State must, and will, back down.

The solution is neither to try to avoid the all-intrusive police state, nor to flail against it without a plan, but to resist it in an organised manner. So, once again, I call upon my American neighbours to begin a campaign against the "TSA" farce, as I have done here in the Peoples Republic of Canada.

Remember, the only beneficiaries of a police state are the police and the State, those two implacable foes of...

Peace and Liberty.

Manuel Miles is a Libertarian Christian and an inveterate iconoclast. He challenges authorities, experts and conventional "wisdom". He is a writer and itinerant pedagogue from Edmonton, Canada whose professed ambition is " trample everyone's sensitivities, regardless of their race, creed, colour, political persuasion, or what-have-you." His few friends describe him as "a nasty bit of baggage," and they are understating the case.


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