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Number 476, July 13, 2008

"Empire is a Negative-Sum Game"

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Like Shoot'n Fish in a Barrel
Robert Jackman

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130 wheat
87 soy
74 rice
31 corn

Last article, I broached the concept that there is no shortage of fuel or protein, save for a lack of distillation capacity in America Norte. Even if Oil were running out, which I suspect it is not, but, we will never get Big Oil to provide more since they haven't enough competition to "move" them to provide the service we should expect. For literal Mills on the Dollar, they have managed that MSM news which they own and promoted the false notion that we are screwed and must sacrifice more and more troops to go forth and steal other's resources. It didn't work for Spain or Rome and it won't bloody work for us either.

"Empire is a Negative sum Game"—Somebody should print up a bumper sticker.

We could replace all our protein needs in excess of U.N. minimums, allowing for 4 ounces of protein 6 days a week from 120 million acres of corn made into 42 million gallons of Ethanol and the residue used to fatten fish, or make mushrooms. Feeding 3 billion people protein in amounts they have never had before. 42 million gallons is nearly 1/3 of the fuel we burn in our autos. To keep this in perspective, 120 million acres is about 1/3 of prime crop land, less than 1/10 of all AG land.

The numbers at the top of the page are percent increase on price via a World Bank You Tube VBlog constructing their sound bite, that, "high prices are due to corn ethanol production".

Funny thing is, Corn went up far less than other commodities. I suspect Investors, having been reamed by Bipartisan CONgress and Bush Admin policy, have grown tired of leaving money in banks or stocks or real estate, and have dived head and shoulders into the commodities market, driving up prices of everything not nailed down.

What to do?

Sanity may not return for quite some time. A person is not without Opportunity.

One could take a pound of DDGS and feed tilapia or trout, or catfish in their basement in barrels if need be, raising .7 to .8 pounds of fish for every nickel to a dimes worth of DDGS. That swimming pool in the back yard, if pressed into service, might feed hundreds of people and generate salable emulsion for other's vegetable gardens in the neighborhood.

One could also raise mushrooms on a pound for pound basis in a sterile environment, and have one heck of a lot of mushrooms to eat.

Leftovers from fish poop or mushroom mfg. could go outdoors into container gardens to make heap plenty veggies as my departed uncle used to say.

Recycling of nutrients from one process to the next and adding only water and more sunshine is a part and parcel of what is known as Permaculture, , or Polyculture.

Something to think about if the dollar goes to ever lower levels and one is hard pressed to survive on what passes for money.

Next article, I will explain how a man, or a woman, with a 3 wheel bike, some free glass and some old broken down refrigerators, can sell within a quarter square mile area of towns people suppling solar baked bread made in your back yard.

Of course, none of this would be necessary if Wall St. and D.C. were sincerely interested in dealing with the consumers of this country and the world in a manner known to men of reputation as "being on the level".

Of course, those few toxic People who gravitate to D.C. and their revolving door Political counterparts on Wall St. can't help themselves. Economic Warfare is too tempting. The quick buck was the way to go for Bones men and other adventurers. As long as there were suckers to loot.

The seeds for their own destruction were planted and nurtured by themselves.

So be it.

We will withdraw to ever smaller circles, and relearn the lessons of Honest Commerce, and Community.


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