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Number 477, July 20, 2008

"Taxation is the fuel of war"

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For those of you who are too young to remember, Brown v. Board of Education shocked the segregationist South in ways unimaginable today. They went into denial and didn't think the Feds would enforce desegregation until the 101st Airborne showed up at Little Rock, Arkansas.

The supporters of victim disarmament are currently in denial about Heller, as witness some of the legal limits the DC city council seems bound to put on what kind of handguns people may own. Somehow I don't see either Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama calling out the 101st to enforce Heller (Campaign promise, "I will use Delta force and other elite Combat units to put down efforts to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws." I like it, just don't see it happening.). Nevertheless, gun bans have, at least for the time being, gone the way of segregation.

The issue of Mr. Obama's blackness has come up. The Reverend Jackson has made it clear he doesn't feel Mr. Obama is black enough, apparently he seems to be disregarding "black issues." While I do not support Mr. Obama I have to call the good Reverend on this one. Barack Obama is not running for President of Black America. He is running for President of all America. If he intends to push the interest of one ethnic group over any others than he has no business running for President of a nation that is about eighty eight percent white, Asian, Dine, and other races.

Sooner or later a Latino will run for President and I damn well expect him to run as an American who happens to have Latino roots, not a Latino who happens to be an American.

Back in the Fifties segregationists didn't get it, their way of doing business violated both the written Constitution and the spirit of freedom and justice it upon which it was based. Nowadays the debate is on what methodology is needed to achieve desegregation, not it's desirability (and I'll leave that aside for now, or at least for someone else to deal with.). The Segregationists of old have become obsolete.

Now the Democrats, committed to reducing Americans to state dependent disarmed sheep fighting over past years' race issues have also been left behind. That wouldn't be too bad, if the Republicans offered any kind of real alternative, or if an honest Libertarian was running under that party's banner.

The fact is we live in a new America with new needs, needs that can best be addressed by private citizens who are set free to use their talents to do well while doing good.

And nobody running for President (or most seats in Congress) this year seems to get the point. Like the segregationists of yore, they are obsolete, or more correctly, obsolescent.

To rephrase somebody from the Sixties, "Don't trust anyone whose ideas are over thirty years old."


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