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"Taxation is the fuel of war"

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Re, Re, Re... Victor Milan's Question?
by Michael Bradshaw

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." (Shakespeare, Henry VI)

Well, it seems that Victor Milan's letter in TLE #474 has stirred-up some controversy.

He raises, as usual, a very good question:

"Okay, do we want freedom, or do we want politics?


"Might we maybe try to find better uses for our resources than arguing how many libertarians can dance on the head of a pin, or playing a game that's entirely rigged, to resuscitate dying freedom? Can't we?"

{The number of libertarians that can dance on the head of a pin is seventeen and three-quarters.—Alter Ego}

Then, the next week, Scott Graves asked:

"Okay, do we want freedom, or do we want politics?

"You write as if there were a choice between the two.

(snip the V. M. quote above)

"Ok, how do we get freedom without winning political control of the government? How do we manage to get the agents of government to leave us alone without becoming their bosses first?"

And now last week Dennis Wilson wrote:

"In my TLE article "Superstate North America vs. Individual Sovereignty" I both describe (in the first part) a frustration similar to what you apparently feel (and that I used to feel as recently as 4 years ago) and I offer (in the second part—after the three *'s) a course of action which you appear to be seeking. Furthermore, you don't need to "give up" all the benefits available in our capitalist, division of labor society. However, thru careful analysis, you may realize that using some different alternatives, you can effectively rearrange things in your life to gradually stop supporting your enemies and gradually Free Yourself. If you decide to Free Yourself, PLEASE, treat my suggestions as only a starting point rather than a complete course of action."

I would agree strongly with Dennis Wilson re the personal and family side of obtaining freedom to the extent that it works. I have done some of what Dennis suggests and will continue to follow that course of action.

In response to Scott Graves I would say that, for the long term (a steady or stable—self regulating—political situation) there is indeed a stark, black-and-white choice between freedom and politics. You cannot have both at once for the long term or in a stable balance, as they are mutually exclusive. That means, for the mid-term (during the current civil war) that to the extent you have one, you have less of the other.

If you want politics, you will have to sacrifice your (and steal your neighbor's) freedom. If you want freedom, you will have to sacrifice the state. Literally. On an altar of fire.

You cannot "get freedom" by "winning political control of the government". If you could do that, you would only be "the new boss, same as the old boss".

If you really want to know "How do we manage to get the agents of government to leave us alone without becoming their bosses first?" I will offer my method, Fifth-Generation War (5GW) strategy, just in case Victor does not reply or has another alternative.

5GW is a two-stage program to achieve a "New (Non-political) World Order" by first abolishing the state, and second, preventing a new one from arising afterward. Expect to see some overlap of the two steps in the middle.

Step 1: Kill them.

Never talk about your freedom-fighting, as those who do not know about it cannot betray you to the enemy, either on purpose or by accident. Just kill them, leave the scene "sterile" (without any evidence about you: no footprints, fingerprints, DNA, trophies or captured spoils of war)—and walk away.

You are non-political. Your interests are "beer, betting, women and work". (With a tip o' the hat to Manuel O'Kelly-Davis and RAH) Gray non-entities who blend-in with the general run of commoners make lousy suspects.

Work alone, or in VERY small cells in which the members are completely loyal to one-another. (So that a $10,000,000 reward offered for betrayal will not be tempting at all. After all, how many of those rewards do you know to have been paid? None to my knowledge.)

Start at the top (or as near as you can get in your geographical area) and work your way down the hierarchy. That is called the "top-down, distributed order of battle". It works. See history, including the First American Revolution. {"And your riflemen have been firing ON THE OFFICER'S PERSONS!!!" Gasp! Oh, how un-fair and un-sporting of them! Chortle, chortle, snort!—Alter Ego}

Do not start (or fight only at) the bottom, by killing only low-level soldiers, such as police or army grunts. That is "bottom-up" warfare in the traditional form. That is how the politicians want you to fight—because it produces massive social disruption and loss of life and property among their enemies, the common folk—while leaving the politicians alive and safe at the top. It is how the politicians have fought each other, using commoners as their weapons, for the last six thousand years of recorded history (and probably the previous four thousand years, at least). It is how nations fight today. It is how guerrilla (Pronounced "gweer-ee'-a", not "gor-ill'-a", damn it!) war is fought; not by freedom fighters, but by those who would replace the old bosses with new bosses. See the William Lind archive for historical and technical background on the first four generations of modern warfare. Start with "The Four Generations of Modern War".

Choose your targets with care—for the greatest disruption of the enemy's decision making, command/control and operational structure as possible. Start with politicians (holders of elective or appointive office) and top-level bureaucrats. Secondary targets (enemy operational personnel) must be of the highest value to him for the level of rank in the hierarchy. Example: It is far better to hunt tax collectors than police or other soldiers. The tax collectors steal the money to pay the soldiers, who cannot fight without their pay, or ammo bought with tax spoils.

Read the novels Unintended Consequences by John Ross and The Black Arrow by Vin Suprynowicz, available at good bookstores everywhere. They offer many good ideas for the modern freedom fighter.

The goal of Step 1 with regard to the United States is to disrupt the government apparatus to the extent that it cannot prosecute the current civil war against the Americans, or defend itself against Step 2, and finally, overlapping with Step 2, to destroy it completely.

Step 2: Prevent them from starting a new government.

For many years I wanted to be an anarchist, but could not, because I could not solve the "power-vacuum problem". The power-vacuum problem is the re-establishment of a new government on the ashes of the old.

The repeated rise, fall and re-establishment of governments (on average about every two centuries) has been the pattern throughout the six thousand years of recorded human history. As far as we can infer from archeology, it has been the pattern for the previous four thousand years at least, since the invention of agriculture bound man to the land and made the state possible.

It seemed that we were doomed to repeat the cycle of conquest, rule and collapse forever. The best that I could see ahead was a gradual lessening of the harshness of the slavery across the generations of political rapine—as cultures made advancements during the brief periods of prosperity in the early stages of each new dynasty. That has been the pattern in occidental culture in Europe and America for the last millennium.

Now I seem to have been proven wrong. I have never been so happy to be wrong in my life! New technology always opens up new possibilities to do old things in new ways and to do new things that could never have been done before.

The example at hand is a method of preventing a new state from rising on the ashes of the old one: through the use of the internet for communication, strong encryption for the security of the participants and digital cash to transfer value among the participants. It is done entirely through voluntary action in the free market that will be opened up by the collapse of nation states through their normal attrition (unlikely)—or revolution by top-down 5GW warfare from within (more likely). Like all free-market solutions to human problems it does these things in the most efficient manner possible, with the least possible expenditure of money, property damage, lives lost and disruption to the lives of innocent people. It also filters the casualties to eliminate as far as possible innocent victims, confining the dead to the guilty.

The end result should be a (politically) stable culture of free-market anarchy-and-order ("Anarchy" just means "without a political state", not "chaos", which is the exact opposite of anarchy.) that is able to use all of its real income for fulfilling the needs and desires of the people who earn that income; instead of having the government tax away and waste most if it, as we see with the (approximately) 85% total tax burden in the United States at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

The program is outlined by its inventor, Jim Bell, in his paper "Assassination Politics" (also at other places on the internet).

There is not room here to describe Mr. Bell's thesis in detail. Besides, he did a very good job of that in his initial paper. In essence, his program will use an organization (which I hereby christen "The Jim Bell Memorial Foundation") to insure against the re-emergence of political states after at least one major state has been eliminated by an internal campaign of Fifth-Generation Warfare. Those who are interested will read his paper.

In summation: The state may be eliminated and prevented from re-emerging by a two-step campaign of 5GW (Fifth-Generation War), consisting of:

Step 1
An initial campaign of decapitation of the governmental system by means of the top-down, distributed-order of battle conducted by patriot volunteers, followed by (and overlapping with)

Step 2
The establishment of the Bell Foundation(s) to insure the continued peace and prosperity of our civilization.

Because 5GW is conducted on a free-market basis, almost all casualties on the government side will be guilty parties. The government will increase its current warfare against the common people, but that would have happened without any resistance from them in the first place; as it is the policy of government in general, and the United States in particular, to follow the precedents of the past. The United States in particular is following the example of Germany under the Third Reich during the 1930s and 1940s.

Since the state's four primary functions are robbery, rape, slavery and genocide (including war, about one-seventh of the total state murder campaigns during the 20th. century) we will thereby eliminate all major warfare and most robbery, rape, slavery and murder.

If we do not take action against the state, either through the use of 5GW or some other method, we will continue along the present historical trend line; further into the Forth Reich under the United Stated instead of Germany. To see where that would take us, see Prof. Rummel's definitive research on his web pages at where he documents over three hundred million (300,000,000) murders by governments, including the United States, during the twentieth century.

Our choices are stark and clear. We can continue our present policy of craven cowardice and surrender, or we can fight back. If we do the latter, some good people will die. If we do the former, hundreds of millions of innocent people will die horrible deaths in the concentration camps and on the battlefields that our cities and countrysides have now become; and those who are not killed will be slaves.

In any big and important endeavor whether military, business or other, we need to follow the triad of goal, strategy and tactic in that order. If you leave even one of those out, or get them out of order, you doom yourself to failure. And perhaps to a useless death.

Think well.

Michael Bradshaw is the Speaker (also the Lord-High Janitor) of the United States House of Repeals, Copyright © 2008, Michael T. Bradshaw


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