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Number 480, August 10, 2008

"And that's why we like guns."

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The Liberty Plan
by John Higgins
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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Right from the beginning, let me state that this article has little in the way of answers, but a whole lot in the way of questions.

The Libertarian Enterprise has run for more than a decade, and the Libertarian Party is more than three-and-a-half decades old. While people will argue about the effects of all these years of activism, one thing is evident—we haven't reversed the tide of fascism, not even for a day.

I believe that the combined efforts of all of the good men, women and children have not gone to waste, as the failures of the Brady Campaign over the past several years will show, but I am not aware of a single victim disarmament law on the federal level that has been whole-heartedly and completely repealed. Speech is more dangerous than ever. Not even B.J. Clinton could as openly and impudently crush dissent by admitting to extra-judicial imprisonment coupled with abuse in secret torture centers. Every single time you speak on a telephone, you invite government agents into your home, and every website you visit can be documented and double-checked. Government has swollen like a cancer, and a good portion of the American population (probably all of the people reading this!) now finds itself on "watch-lists."

So to start my questions—what do we do, and what have we been doing wrong?

I am an outspoken and unabashed fan of L. Neil Smith's writings and ideas, and I feel strongly about the strategy he outlined when promoting Bill of Rights Enforcement. But, as always, the skeptic in me asks (rather loudly), "Will this work?"

The Bill of Rights has been codified as law for just about two-hundred-and-seventeen years. For two-hundred-and-sixteen years, we've been ignoring it. Why would that change now?

The syndicate now ignoring the Bill of Rights will not tolerate any attempt from within to force compliance. They have as many ways to terminate dissent as we have dissenters, up to and including assassination. Who would run for office with that sword of Damocles looming over their head?

The people, too, may not support it. The majority support gun control, and you'd be pressed to find a single person willing to back the right of the Stormfront and Ku Klux Klowns to spew their venom (before the point of condoning violence). Believe it or not, there are groups which style themselves "anti-fascists" who start violent confrontations at racist rallies! They are anti-fascists only so far as they are fascists from the other side.

So, we find ourselves facing tremendous problems, and yet I come to you with a message of hope. To borrow a term from the fascists, liberty needs a "five-year plan." I ask every reader to come to my brand-new forum, found at, and contribute specific ideas. We must set a long-term, five-year target, with annual milestones, and we must establish a step-by-step framework, specific in its methods and goals. Constant reassessment and revision, coupled with the tireless effort our group is famous for, could bring us greater success than even the greatest optimists among us can imagine.

Through fundraisers, multimedia, membership drives, and the dozens of other methods that led to the Ron Paul Revolution's great success, we can access the liberty culture and continue its growth. There are many organizations working towards that important goal, and their success is tied with our own. But in addition, we must begin to start putting our resources towards making the change we want to see. We must repeal the laws. We must impeach the liars. We must legalize the Bill of Rights.

As a bitter analogy, the Twin Towers took seven years to build. They stood for twenty-eight. The criminals felled them in about ten seconds. So, too, can we turn the tables on them and destroy their ivory towers in less time than we suspect.

But we have to start now.

John Higgins is a recent high school graduate, liberty evangelist, and proud activist who remains trapped in New York. Rather than escaping, he instead uses this as inspiration, and seeks to free his state and perhaps his country before graduating college.


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