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Number 480, August 10, 2008

"And that's why we like guns."

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The First Freedom
by A.X. Perez
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A lot of people in the freedom movement seem to obsess about guns. I know you could accuse me of this (which is ridiculous, my true obsession is knives. I've got more chores to do that need knives to complete rather than guns.).

A few years ago a student asked me why I considered guns important. I set up the following scenario:

A man is in a town where saying the Rosary is illegal. He is walking down the street with a pistol in one hand and a Rosary in the other. Without killing him, how do you stop him from saying the Rosary?

His answer: First you take away his pistol.

On Sunday the 3rd of August I submitted this letter/short article adding to what L. Neil Smith and others have said about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Two days later ABC News broadcast the following statement by a citizen of Myanmar regarding the tyrannical government there: "They have guns. We don't have guns."

Last year I submitted an article to TLE in which a person coming over illegally from Mexico to gain freedom said essentially the same thing when asked why he didn't stay home and fight.

Not all of us who value freedom like the shooting sports or enjoy collecting guns or are even that worried about self defense, but we understand that the right to personal ownership of weapons is an essential step to being truly free.

And that's why we like guns.


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