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Number 481, August 17, 2008

"Yep. We've sunk a long way, baby."

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Some Random Notes and Observations
The Kaptain's Log
by Kaptain Kanada a.k.a. Manuel Miles
manuel_miles -+at+- shaw -=dot=- ca

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

The following is a partial list of some of the philosophical/ ideological reefs, snags and shoals which interfere with the progress of the good ship Liberty. I offer them that other mariners of the seas of peace may chart their courses accordingly.

The same statists who boast of wanting to "save the planet" (always by increasing taxes, by the way) are among the biggest supporters of the empire's tax-financed War On Terra, which is waged with DU ordnance and land mines.

The people who claim to be "child-centred" are the same ones who push Ritalin on innocent children for such "crimes" as pointing fingers and saying, "Bang, bang!" They are all pro-abortion, too.

The leading "gun control" (confiscation) fanatics have armed bodyguards.

The people clamoring against "hate speech" hate (and try to muzzle) everyone who speaks against them.

The ones who boast of their "tolerance" are the leaders and supporters of various "zero tolerance" campaigns.

The Americans who say that the U.S. Constitution is a "living document" are the same ones who are busy trying to kill it.

Those who are allegedly "pro-life" are frequently advocates of "capital punishment" (execution by the State).

Those who are allegedly opposed to "capital punishment" are frequently advocates of abortion.

"Patriots" who claim that imperial military invasions and occupations are fought "so that you can be free" all want to deny freedom to their opponents.

Self-proclaimed advocates of individualism and freedom of expression often work to coerce others to have the same haircuts, wear the same types of clothes, and generally conform to whatever stupid "life style" the dominant statist "culture" is currently promoting. Would- be "libertarians" can be found in this bleating flock all too often.

Supposed "Christian" adherents of the Prince of Peace are often worshippers of the welfare/warfare state, aka Satan's kingdom, which He clearly opposes.

Atheists, who mock "blind faith", somehow "know" that there is no God and no afterlife, based on... they believe this and we just have to trust them on it!

The majority of Darwinists have not only read none of the many books which expose the fallacies of their evolutionist religion, but most have never read "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life", either. This is understandable, for it's as badly written as all propaganda which poses as "science". Still, they just might better understand why this theory is collapsing if they were to inform themselves about it instead of simply repeating the government school propaganda.

American statists are unable to grasp the clear and direct meanings of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution which constitute the Bill of Rights.

"Fundamentalist Christians" are unable to grasp the fundamentals of the Ten Commandments, the "eleventh commandment", Luke 4: 5—8 and Matthew 6: 24.

Most people will never lift a finger for...

Peace and Liberty.

Manuel Miles is a Libertarian Christian and an inveterate iconoclast. He challenges authorities, experts and conventional "wisdom". He is a writer and itinerant pedagogue from Edmonton, Canada whose professed ambition is " trample everyone's sensitivities, regardless of their race, creed, colour, political persuasion, or what-have-you." His few friends describe him as "a nasty bit of baggage," and they are understating the case.


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