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Number 483, August 31, 2008
"Freedom is the basic necessity of life"

Dollar Gas!
Dollar Gas!
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I got me an electric toothbrush for $1 over at the new dollar store called "Dollar Tree". They were going to call it "Dollar Bush" but people thought it was a whorehouse. There were all these guys lined up clutching a fist-full of dollars. No doubt wondering what they could get for a few dollars more. Probably wondering also if it was going to be good, bad, or ugly. But that's not important right now.

What's important now is here is your new edition of TLE, issue number 483, Reader Supported


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Ken Holder


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Letters to the Editor
from Ward Griffiths, Ann Morgan, National Taxpayers Union, The Editor, Dr Sean Gabb, and Robert Jackman

Will We Let the Real America Die?
by L. Neil Smith
All of my life I have wanted nothing more than simply to be proud of my country. Understand that—believe it—or nothing else you read here will make sense. All of my life—and it's dismaying how long it took me to realize this—I've been ashamed of my country, instead.

by A.X. Perez
Recently the Harrold, Texas Independent School District announced a policy permitting some teachers to bring concealed handguns on campus. Both supporters and opponents of gun rights hailed this as an expansion of gun rights. My first reaction, on reading the whole thing, was to be more cautious. It was that some that got to me. To qualify the teacher had to have a concealed carry permit, pass additional classes in crisis management and get the school board's permission. That last condition sets off my alarm bells.

The Imposed Surcharges We Shoulder
by Robert Jackman
I grew up on a small farm and cattle ranch in my teens. With that disclosure up front, that was almost 4 decades ago. I work in a service business related to home repair and construction today. Let's talk of State interference in Energy, Food....

The Illegitimacy of the US Federal Government
by Russell D. Longcore
I recently wrote an article entitled "Stop Voting," which was about the illegitimacy of the elections systems here in the good ol' USA. Let's open this umbrella a little wider. I've been having something of a philosophical evolution of late, and I'm beginning to have seditious thoughts. I don't know who to speak to about these thoughts, so I am sending them to you in the hope that I'll get some wisdom in return. Possibly, this article will spark a lively dialogue.

In Praise of Spock
by A.X. Perez
Poor Mr. Spock!! While from time to time his superior Vulcan intellect or physical abilities get busted out to solve a problem his commitment to reason and logic are frequently used as a foil for the argument that intuition and the heart are superior to reason and the head.

Walk Like A (Free) Man
The Kaptain's Log

by Kaptain Kanada a.k.a. Manuel Miles
We are, in case you haven't noticed, in the midst of World War(s) Three, also known as the U.S. empire's War On Terra. As the New World (dis)Order wages perpetual war on many fronts, those few of us who actively oppose it must do likewise. Of course we all know that there is fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and dozens of other lands, but those are not the war fronts to which I refer.

Roswell Texas
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The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
of Klepton

The Probability Broach:
The Graphic Novel

by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by Bighead Press, 2004


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