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Number 484, September 7, 2008

"Barry Obomber and Insane McCain"

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Letter from the benevolent Masters to the slaves of New Orleans
by Charlie Acker
azcka -+at+-

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise


It is with a great sense of satisfaction that We Masters viewed your abject compliance with or directives to abandon your homes and belongings and start the long march. That it only took one object lesson in oppression to achieve that end is also a source of satisfaction to us.

The cowing of a once great city and people has given us great hope for the utter subservience that has been our fondest wish since we had to pretend to agree with the that seditious document the Declaration of Independence. Luckily, we were alert and managed to get the Constitution of the United States of America passed. This allowed us the scope we needed to implement our policies of misdirection and theft, while sanctimoniously preaching Freedom and Democracy.

Still, it was many years of arduous and surreptitious work before we could properly subdue the population. It is amazingly gratifying that our work was not in vain.

Of course, we had many allies in our endeavor. The basic foundation for your enslavement was the Public School System. (Behind closed doors we had to laugh every time this wonderful idea was mentioned.) Reducing the intellectual abilities of a proud people was such a worthwhile goal. And one that has paid handsome dividends. That the scheme could be carried off while purporting to INCREASE education made the effort a joy.

Recently, the many Television programs glorifying the uniformed thugs that comprise our enforcement arm have contributed to the docile abandonment of the Principles of Liberty. Imagine a free man acquiescing to the unreasonable demands of an occupying force! And then praising the abominator for using restraint. What delicious drollery.

In this latest exercise we must give special thanks to The Worry Channel for causing such manic cowardice and servitude. Their cohorts shouting "Run, Run for your Lives" from all sides. And you listened and responded without question. It is well to know that you realize that we own all property, as is easily demonstrated by your obeisance to the Mandatory Evacuation Order. (As is your meek compliance with our Tax edicts. We are pleased to leave you a small part of your labor for not complaining.)

It is with great Benevolence that we will soon permit some of you to return to your abode and again take up maintaining our interests. But be prepared to flee at a moments notice! We may require the presence of slaves in some other part of our estate.

With gratitude,

The Masters of the Slave State of America.

Editors Note: Change the word "slave" to "Citizen", and "Master" to "Government and Media". The rest can stand as written, as the Public Schools have done their work—no one will understand any thing else.


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