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Number 485, September 21, 2008
"The American Empire, like all empires, is about to end."

Dollar Gas!
Dollar Gas!
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See also: What Part of "One Dollar Gas" Did You Fail to Understand? by L. Neil Smith

Palin Alien!
Palin Alien!
by Rex May



Mr. Bill Koehler says:

All over the news today we are hearing a load of socialist bull sh*t from both the right and the left while no one is pointing out that there is no free market.

I send emails to them but no one will state the truth. Now there is a rush to even greater stupidity than the stupidity which got us in this mess in the first place.

I urge everyone to call, write, email or whatever and keep screaming that we are being lied to by socialists who are claim that freedom does not work and that their slave state ideas based on the principle of legal stealing is somehow going to solve all of our financial problems.

Freedom is not perfect it can only provide the greatest good for the greatest number at the lowest price. Please spread the truth. Who knows someone may actually listen.

Bill Koehler
Albuquerque, NM

You said it, Bill!

And we are back from our little adventure with the "justice" system in the Great Snake of California. Just suing a guy what owes us money. Waste of time? Who knows.

Anyway, it's good to be back home. There's no place like home. And no time like the present to remind y'all of this being a Reader-Supported eMagazine:


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Ken Holder


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Time Peeper


Letters to the Editor
from Robert Jackman, A.X. Perez, Dave Earnest, L. Neil Smith, and Ann Morgan

Abortion: An Excerpt From Hope
by Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith
PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Hope is a "political thriller" Aaron Zelman and I wrote and saw into print several years ago. It concerns the election of the first libertarian president, Alexander Hope, and what he does with the presidency through two terms in office.

The 50-State Secession
by Paul Bonneau
There have been rumblings about secession lately. The blue-state liberals talked it up a bit after the last election, and most readers here probably have been following the goings-on in states like Vermont and Alaska.

Sarah Palin Needs to Step Aside
...And James Dobson is just a Sorry Religious Hustler

by Doug Newman
I commend Bristol Palin on deciding to go through with her pregnancy and her plans to marry Levi Johnston. I also commend Sarah Palin for not rushing her daughter off to an abortionist because a pregnant, unwed 17-year-old daughter might tarnish her political image.

The (libertarian) Ten Commandments
by C.K. Kahn
I have heard people with a conservative Christian outlook say that this country was founded on "Biblical Principles." I do accept Biblical principles in that those of the (Protestant) Ten Commandments which apply to relations between people...

The Butterfly (Cause and) Effect
The Catharsis of Symbiotic Causality as Applied to the Dynamics of Chaos Theory
The Kaptain's Log

by Kaptain Kanada a.k.a. Manuel Miles
Of course I haven't the slightest scintilla of an idea what any of them big words in the subtitle mean, but lots of people are impressed by big words, especially a friend of mine at work (Hi, Chev!) so I thought I'd use some. Anyway, there is a lot of talk lately, and even a really crummy movie, about what is called "the butterfly effect". As near as somebody as dumb as I am can figure it, it means that if a butterfly in the Azores lets loose a fart, said flatulence can eventually cause a typhoon in the Philippines. Talk about "breaking wind", eh.

A URL of Interest
by L. Neil Smith
How many times a week do you find your blood boiling over the latest government outrage? Whether it's ski-masked, body-armored cops with machineguns smashing into the wrong house, slovenly thugs at the airports taking obscene liberties with our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters, the so-called "Patriot Act" being used to end-run the rule of law, or federal agents lying on the witness stand to obtain a conviction at any cost, it all comes down the the same thing: police-state policies in what was once a free country.

Go To The Mattresses
by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.
The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933—meant to prevent major stock market speculation by the banks that take deposits and extend loans (Commercial Banks)—mandated separation of Commercial Banks (insured by the FDIC) from Investment Banks. Originally intended to prevent another Crash of '29 and the subsequent Banking collapses that began in December of 1930, this Act was systematically dissected by the Boot-On-Your-Neck Party. First came The Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act, a United States federal financial statute law passed in 1980 by then President James Carter, preventing private banks (read non-members of the FED conglomeration of Banks) from taking deposits and making loans without strict adherence to FED rules. This precipitated the Recession of 1981. Finally the Glass-Steagall Act was subsequently (all-but) repealed by then President William Clinton in 1999 with the signing of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which allowed Commercial Banks to again speculate in the stock market via the ownership of Investment Banks.

AIG Scary Bailout
by Jim Davidson
Jim Willie has a new essay on Kitco this week. Kitco is owned by Bart Kitner, a distinguished precious metals dealer from Montreal. Here is Jim's essay:

Who Should Be The State's Mortal Enemy?
by Russell D. Longcore
The church should be the worst enemy of the State. When I use the term "the church," I really mean nearly all organized religion. Most religions don't espouse state worship in their sacred writings and doctrines. However Islam probably comes most closely to the melding of religion and State.

Never Forgive, Never Forget
by L. Neil Smith
Forty years ago, whenever a guest character on a TV crime drama displayed firearms—or big game trophies—on a back wall of his home or office, you immediately knew who the villain would turn out to be. Apparently, in the pathetically ignorant view of Hollywood and New York writers, who know nothing of reality, gun ownership and hunting were attributes limited to murderers—usually rich ones—and thieves.

Roswell Texas
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The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
of Klepton

The Probability Broach:
The Graphic Novel

by L. Neil Smith
Illustrated by Scott Bieser
Published by Bighead Press, 2004


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