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"We ought to show that we are serious about liberty."

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Open Letter to Professor Kevin Barrett
A Keyhole for Alex Jones and the rest of us to peek through, if we will
by Robert Jackman

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Dr. Barrett,

I appreciate Your take on Life. Thank You for what You are doing at

"The Important Thing is, Not to Stop Questioning"—Albert Einstein

My name is Robert Jackman and am known to Len Osanic and Jim Fetzer who I suspect You are acquainted. My distant Cousin is the Late L. Fletcher Prouty who was no stranger to Black Operations and the insane suggestions ala "The Report From Iron Mountain" heard round the Pentagon lunch counter decades prior to 9-11. Perhaps You have read "JFK: The CIA and Viet Nam" or "Understanding Special Operations" a free online book thanks to David Ratcliffe.

Having read "JFK", "USO" in the early 90s and Stinnett's book in July-August of 2001 I too was no stranger to the possibility that 9-11 was most likely an inside job. On 9-11, I lost some family for good I am afraid, due to my take on that Infamous day. I was the only one in my house, that was not surprised. Shocked, but not surprised.

The average person didn't have a chance. Horror on this level is difficult to "contain" much less, comprehend. It's what "The Evil Ones" count on.

I am a 25 year student of Carl Jung. Teach EFT as a healing technique to victims of trauma, illness and injury. PTSD Vets get it free, when I find one who asks.

Self Employed in Construction related industry that pays the bills. My Wife is a Therapist for the last 2 decades. I am also blessed with a thimble full of common sense, and see that You are also equipped in similar fashion.

Just as important, in my book, to add to Einstein's quote in the Subject line, is to NOT suggest that a certain viewpoint, held by a spectrum of people are therefore part of a Co-Intelpro job. The very phrase "No Planers" is right up there with, "Conspiracy Theorist" as a result of useless shouting.

Scapegoating solves nothing. That's what Neocons do. That's what Wotan does. That's what MOST of us do. It's what Bibi did on 9-11 fingerpointing alternately at Saddam and Osama on TV. It's what people did to themselves after 9-11. God Bless em all!

There are no doubt State Sponsored troublemakers but they are the minority, the bulk are jerks who can't get out of their parent's basement, imho. Repeaters. Mockingbirds, as Alex describes.

The Truth is, any item of Fact that points to an Inside Job concerning 9-11 is helpful. We have to get away from thinking only at the level of the brain stem, stuck in a fight/flight, either/or mode. The game rule of "Either You are with us or You are with the Terrorists" is not in our play book, or we should examine who we are becoming.

A container can hold things of value, despite the designs on the container itself or other items in the container, not useful or found to be distasteful to some.

One has to sift through the barrel and pick out the good apples and dispose of the bad. One cannot in this day buy the lie that a few bad apples ruin the whole barrel. That is a most dangerous and subtle form of scapegoating. Absent is higher thinking involving consideration, and discernment.

Or as Rove would say via The Maximum Decider: "You don't want to throw out the baby with the rotten apples".

Except in certain circumstances, Life is not all an "Either/Or" proposition, unless one is a worshiper of Ayn Rand or other Religious robots filed with Dogma. Alex gets dangerously close to this, concerning September Clues and Big Oil, In My Opinion.

I hosted Ethanol advocate and Environmentalist David Blume on Animal Farm Radio this summer on WTPRN and Alex called in, much as he did today.
Winamp or VLC works, WMP doesn't.

In this unrelated subject, note Alex's reaction: He did not address the fact that Big Oil has no competition and his answer that there is "Plenty of Oil" is insufficient to address the fact that saying that and ignoring action toward using that Plenty via new companies that won't go along is a non answer. Alternatives or oil players who won't share a bowl of Bubba Gump shrimp at the Petroleum club and become corrupted are a necessary ingredient to making a monopoly honest by erasing that monopoly.

The non prescription earns the Praise and Blessings of Rove, Baker, Kissinger and Co. I am sure.

I suspect if I were to even hint Alex was part of a Conspiracy to enable Big Oil to hold its position Alex would be upset with me, yet that is exactly what the self appointed enemies of No Planes did to the presenter of "September Clues" without looking at the whole content. Especially additional content discovered and now available.

Equally of import is the fact that We were all fooled by what we saw on 9-11. No One likes to admit they were hoodwinked. Especially experts.

Big Oil has had plenty of opportunities to drill more and refine more but they don't want to, Or Can't. I have never forgot that Can't means Won't, for I am a Dad.

Such a psychologically reversed view of life leads to nothing getting done in the way of a constructive solution. In this regard, Alex is still in his Parent's basement, concerning Big Oil.

Most of us are in a parent's basement of one sort or another.

As an EFT level 1 and 2 trained technician I have met people who could have ended back or neck pain or Arthritis but hesitated when understanding they could go back to work and lead a normal life, that they would no longer need THEIR Disability payments.... sometimes it's hard to let go.

Without an Oil for Arms business, We wouldn't be in the Middle East and Southwest Asia slaughtering millions. Big Oil is part of the Paradigm created by that sex symbol Henry Kissinger to trade Oil for arms, creating a death spiral few want to consider, that held up the Fiat money system at least 2 decades longer than it would have lasted. Throw in another ten years for the selfless contributions of the Economic Hit Men, and here we sit, an unjust, off the beam culture, drunk on power and filled with arrogance.

Offering actual alternatives to oil that is local leads us out of the Middle East in time, once people realize the ten to twenty times bigger than necessary Military Industrial Complex is a horrible and lethal joke on mankind.

I am sincerely certain Alex cannot see himself as others may. Such is the Shadow we all carry. I write this to illustrate the problems we all face in relating to our selves, not to pick on Alex. I am no different, for I have seen the face that stares back at me in the cave after ripping off the mask of my enemy.

As above, so below:

The result of such mindset means there is a focus too often on problems, not solutions. When such a Shadow is allowed to proceed ungoverned by the person, the followers do nothing since there is no suggestion to action. If the leader didn't act, then why should the observer or spectator? They don't have the answer since the leader didn't either!

Education only goes so far, unless it's "Internalized"

Considering "September Clues"

Fact: The network video archives are in the Public Domain despite what You said Salter claims.

All there EXCEPT for the first Fox network feed that was later deleted by Fox, when caught with their garments well below their knees, to Hide what is refered to as the "Nose Out" shot.

Thankfully, thousands of copies exist on VCRs at home across the country. Official archives or not. Probably more than a few TV stations at the local level archive the original Fox footage of 175 exiting the south tower with an undeformed nose.

September Clues makes the point that The TV signals on 9-11, shown in more or less live, real time format were "doctored".

That is the whole point.

It does not emphasize that there are "No Planes" only that things are not as advertised. Airwaves not Airplanes were hijacked, is how Simon termed it.

Perhaps He should have said Both were possibly hijacked, I am not certain his English is all that good, operating out of Europe.

In seeing September Clues I take away that that does not mean airliners weren't hijacked, only that control of the lower Manhattan battle field was under visual and audio supervision BY the usual suspects. Those who had something to gain. Requiring extensive preparation and planning.

Upon realization—Another way to prove an Inside Job

I thank You for taking a moment to read my observations.

God Love Him, Alex is not the problem, we all are.

In that sense, Life is an inside Job. In a good sense, if we pay attention.

Were Alex to see what He is responsible for creating and made some adjustments, He could be 23x more effective.

We all can be more effective when we realize what is in our selves, that which derails us. That which we are blind to. Some of us might even be 10x more effective.

All the Best,
Robert Jackman


I invite You to see September Clues in Higher definition:

J.S. Bolen's book, The Ring of Power is filled with understanding of ourselves, from a Jungian perspective. I highly recommend it for those who want to get more good out of Life.

I invite You to see what We have been doing with Alternative Energy to sap the power of the Fiat-Oil-Arms mess we are facing. Have a look at something Positive and Healthy. Please visit the "forum"

I author articles at The Libertarian Enterprise, now and then. and Blog at


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