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Number 486, September 28, 2008

"We ought to show that we are serious about liberty."

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Zero Sum!

Repairing the Unrepairable
by Robert Jackman
Juliusno1776 -+at+- yahoo -=dot=- com

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Forgive us Father, For We have Screwed Up, Big Time!

A 5 point plan to repair the moral and financial situation we face.

First some preconditions and admissions:

Be simple enough if we could admit we are merely a nation of farmers and inventors. We are not up to being a cutthroat Empire. Can't afford it. Let some other Sick Bastard try to make a buck off of Empire. Let his people pay the price.

I'm done! Do I gitta Amen?

Fact is, We have never netted a penny since the Spanish American War. The Adventure in the Philippines cost us 2x what we netted. The rest were no different. Besides, Those who netted something didn't share the profits they made, only the overhead and expenses to allow them to get rich at our expense. The federal debt we leave to our children is proof of our foolishness.


1. Declare an across the board forgiveness of all debt from top to bottom. Start clean Tomorrow. I suspect Thomas Jefferson would like this.


States should charter banks using no specified medium of exchange. Thought should go into making every officer and owner of a Bank sign away everything (Pre Lein) they have as a condition of participation. As it was in the days of olde.

This means Dump the thieves and cretins on Wall St. and D.C. Let the big monster banks sink or swim.

3. Change laws so that there are allowed many many micro Wall Streets in every city. Send the SEC packing. Enforce the 9th. and 10th. Amendments to the Constitution.

Let them, who made this mess, The Brokers in the Big Apple and their partners in crime at the SEC try to earn an honest living via voluntary cooperation, if they can. That goes for the ravenous bunch of liars and sociopaths in D.C. too.

Vote everyone out this Fall.

If WE SUCCEED, the first thing we should see is a collapse in Real Estate values around the Beltway. This is one thing We should rightly cheer about.

I suspect the fellow down the street who is building an apartment building and paying his subcontractors on time for the last 20 years is a safer investment bet than some geek You have never met, working out of a boiler room for interests no one can fathom, and should have never placed Your trust in, in the 1st. place.

I submit the only way out of this sad mess would be to stop the haemorrhagia before the food runs out. If people knew that starting tomorrow, they all had to start over, it would work out. If this thing drags on for years, won't be anyone left standing but a Joe Stalin, or a Comrade Hillary. The result of "business as usual" would be far Worse than Argentina. I promise.

No one is going to like "business as usual" or a Falsetto "Change We can Believe in" a few months after election day. The cure is always worse than the remedy when authoritarians get their way, besides, they charge too much overhead. There is no way a country can operate with 33% of it's economy centered around Corporatist Investments and Public-Private schemes. How about that, I said it without using the other "F" word!

4. Sell off Federal assets, Dams, Lands stolen from the People of the States, etc. Pay off the little old lady on S.S. who has nothing, then pay off bond holders if there be any surplus left. This lesson should spoil any attraction to form Capital around sick puppies for at least a few years.

Auction off DC to a theme park operator. Charge admission to show our kids "wut bummint looked like." Operator pays commission to a fund to pay back cents on dollar back to bond holders. Of course, it won't make a dent in things, but it might educate a few each year to see what we left behind, before some fond memories reform in those who are self deceiving.

Robert Lafavre was correct. You cannot endlessly attempt to repair things, the repairs cause more injustice at some point. Also, the lawyers will siphon off most of it, if We let them. We must come to terms and accept that there is a limit to what can be fixed.

Tomorrow will grow you a Garden. If you plant it.

5. Make a new place in cyberspace for the needs of a federal state, Completely Transparent, without a single secret or hidden element. Eliminate the Senate and replace it with consensus from State Legislatures to fund the very few items that absolutely need to be federal. Or restore appointments to Senate from the States. States pay dues to support the federal state. Never again should the federal state have the power to tax. Every politician should have to pledge every asset they have to occupy office and a Lien should be in effect for ten years after they leave their two terms in office.

One last item: The entire cosmic mind f*ck about Law needs to be revisited.

There is only one law. "Thou Shall Not Steal" Let Juries decide what constitutes theft. This covers everything if one thinks about it.

Never forget, The End is also The Beginning. If We don't End it, Others will, after a long and painful journey in which our Lives will be in far worse shape than if we act now!

Three hundred activists at every State Legislature can fix this. This is something that can work.

Ps. My vision is a federal state that consumes 1% of the economy, a STATE that takes perhaps 2% for roads, what have you. A County and City that administers another 7% and We keep 90% !!! City and County supervises the State, States supervise the federal state. We ride honcho over all three with help from Below.


That's Right. We are Government. Let there never be another Government except that which is reposed within ourselves. It is We and We alone who Rule and Govern.

The State and federal state is Our servant.

Each lower unit of the State supervises the level above it.

We design in self interest.

I Salute RFK Jr. for Meme of the Week: "Sarah Palin is Dick Cheney with lipstick"


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