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Number 490, October 26, 2008

"Cast a blank."

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The Time is Near! 10/21/08
by Dave Earnest
earnest underscore dave at hotmail dot com

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Fellow Pessimists! Fellow Prisoners!

I bid thee a minificent day.

John Bernard Books, portrayed with believable presence by Marion Michael Morrison Lovingly KA "John 'The Duke' Wayne". His powerful portrayal of a man simultaneously embracing Life and Mortality with Grace and Dignity. The Duke lived by the same code as the character he portrayed. He would not be maligned, accosted or treated rudely nor would he suffer such behavior on others unless provoked. He would NOT start "it", but he would Finish "It". Whahh Huh! I try to live by his example. With my own situation being potentially terminal I have become sensitive to how I am treated by the Powers That Be. In any circumstance that I have experienced of late I have been treated with Impersonal Professionalism. In the rare case where I perceive anything negative it's typically indifference, nothing more.

A sign of cultural collapse is first noted by the indifference of public servants, medical staff and technicians, transport drivers, personal aids, you know, everybody who is ostensibly there to "help" you. Rudeness is next, followed by verbal then physical abuse. I recently took public transportation. I move kind of slow and with deliberation. Every move is painful. For some reason a couple of "utes" took that as license to "fuck with the old guy" while we awaited the bus. Beavis and Butthead decided to relieve me of my burdens including my wallet. I asked a simple question of these mouth breathing homunculi, if they were "heeled", they both produced cheap imitation Klingon fighting knives. I produced a model 686 .357 magnum with a 4" barrel, (the one with 7 shots ) This caused them lose their collective shit, while they babbled obsequious protestations of sorrow and regret. Shooting them would have been satisfying in a very self involved way but preloaded with a truckload of downside. I let them live. Anybody want to buy a couple of cheap knives?

The point? Oh Yeah I had a point! The Fucking POINT is that societal collapse is imminent. I mean SOON. There are instances all over the news. It's already begun. If you aren't prepared it's not too late to get at least basic items to carry you through the short term. When the power goes off, things will implode even quicker. One good storm in the Omaha region and you can kiss phone service and the INTERNET goodbye. There are underground FiOs lines but they aren't protected from earthquake damage. Our infrastructure on every level is based mostly on trust and tradition. And being maintained in a haphazard and inconsistent fashion.

When basic courtesy breaks down amongst the fastest growing segment of the population 18-30 years of age, things can and will deteriorate rapidly. They feel ripped off and lied to. Apathy amongst people in this group his epidemic. I have 4 kids in this age group. I listen to them. They are afraid we have fucked things up so horribly that tearing it all down and starting over may be the only hope. Remember that this is the predominate age group of the people serving in our military establishments. They are intelligent, passionate, creative and ANGRY. Listen to the music. It's a veritable definition of passive aggressive cultural dissonance.

A mob. Waiting for a catalyzing event. Most of us, as I am known to repeat over and over again, are too busy keeping our heads out of the water to notice. I noticed, I spoke with my kids about it. They all agreed that it would take one more phony war, serious economic downturn from over taxation, one more catastrophic weather event and everything could come unraveled faster than anybody could have predicted.

Statists love this situation because they believe it gives them a divine mandate to control our lives, our thoughts, our movements. What were once rights bestowed by god, have become privilege bestowed by Authority. "Dicktastership!" says the drunk guy at the end of the bar, eavesdropping on my conversation with the bartender. "Er, Dictatorship." he said. Squaring up a couple braincells to participate in the debate. He's right, in spite of the 4 pints of microbrew he'd imbibed in an hour.

Our next president will be a dictator. Regardless which side of the coin toss comes up it will happen. Actually it's been in place for 8 years since the end of the Clinton era. The left just needs the Whitehouse to either be ineffectual or theirs by "vote of the People". The Left of What I'm not exactly sure of. I've only had the time to be politically aware for the last 3 years. I've had too much to absorb. It makes my chest hurt to think about. Things are going to get bad for awhile. Then they'll get good again.

We'll see. Let's hope I'm just a paranoid underachiever with delusions of prescience.

In closing I'd like to offer some tactical advice to those of you that aren't going to drink the Koolaide.

Buy a Shotgun, a 12 gauge pump. I have a Mossberg 590A1. Buy lots of ammo, double ought, slugs and game loads. Learn to reload. A shotgun can put food on the table and thin the herd. Aim low. Belt buckle to knees, no body armor. Just nerves and structural components. Self defense, defense of your clan, family or neighbors is not a sin. Practice is necessary. Repeated action becomes muscle memory becomes smooth speed. Response>React. BE WILLING TO KILL to defend yourself and those you care about.

We all think about it but seldom do we honestly assess our willingness to commit the ultimate act of survival. Taking another human life is a big deal. Fortunately 95% of the population will hesitate before dropping the hammer. I don't belong to that portion. If you're serious about surviving you will take some time to look inside and put to rest anything that will get in your way of surviving the coming season of shit.

Ok enough happy talk. How about those Phillies eh?


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