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Number 490, October 26, 2008

"Cast a blank."

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Other People's Bills
by A.X. Perez
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The dirtiest trick the Radical Republicans ever pulled on the Southern states after the War of the Secession was to force them to repudiate the Confederate war debt. This erased a huge part of the financial capital of the citizens of the Confederacy and screwed up the South's economy until the 1960's.

When the USSA (United Socialist States of America) goes back to being the United States and we start dismantling large part of its government it is vital that mechanisms be left in place to pay federal and state debts and pensions. There are two reasons for this.

Regarding the debt, it represents a large part of our nation's financial capital. We need the money to invest in building factories and shops and financing businesses. Erase the debt and we have to soak up the loss and the enemies of liberty have a selling point to make a comeback.

Regarding pensions, the last I heard some 40% of Americans are employed by one level of government or another. It's easy to say those dependent on the government paying debts and pensions deserve to lose everything for backing the wrong horse. Yup, throw a hundred twenty million people (at minimum) out to starve in the cold and erase monetary assets we need to keep the economy going after the revolution succeeds. This will go a long way to getting people to support the dissolution of the state.

Or let the statists prove they can't meet these obligations, then prove (not just run off at the mouth like former ward heelers, I mean community activists) we have a workable plan to meet these obligations even as we dismantle the welfare agencies, police state, and other mechanisms of tyranny the statists lyingly claim they need to meet these obligations.

For better or worse we are the one's who have to prove freedom works so that we can make a free society. Solving the statists' financial mess using free market methods consistent with the ZAP is part of that job. The alternative is to live as free men in a slave society (which is what we are doing anyhow, so why bother with a revolution?).


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