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Voter Registration is a One Way Street
by Dennis Wilson
DennisLeeWilson -+at+-

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Since I now REFUSE to vote, (see my TLE articles here and here) I wondered if I could UNregister as a voter. After searching thru all the voter registration material for my state, I concluded that voter registration is a one way street. Like the Roach Motel ad says, with a sinister leer: "They check in, but they don't check out!"

It is possible to change your address, your party affiliation and even the state in which you reside and are registered, but once you have "registered" you cannot reverse that decision.

It is undoubtedly inconceivable to government that someone would ever want to get OFF the list. Besides, it is so very useful for jury conscription, political mailings and perhaps even the next government sponsored round-up of suspicious persons.

Just changing party affiliation requires giving up a lot of personal information. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that the (required) phone number I had when I first registered is long out of date. No political campaign phone calls have interrupted my peace & quiet.

It appears that the ONLY way to get off the government's voter registration list is to move without a forwarding address—and that probably doesn't remove the listing, but merely makes it out-of-date.

Apparently even death is not sufficient. I saw no form to fill out to remove dead voters from the list—something that Lyndon B. Johnson is know to have exploited.

Oh, well. Until I move or die, I'll just have to be content knowing that "THEY" count me as a registered voter who doesn't vote.


I agree with Neil's intention in his article last week, but I strongly disagree with the method he suggested. If you DO still vote, consider what a tempting opportunity some poll worker will face when he sees a ballot with a blank vote in the presidential selection.


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