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Number 491, November 2, 2008

"The next two to eight years
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Random Points Along a Line
by Robert Jackman
juliusno1776 -+at+-

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I am relieved to report that David Rockefeller has been thinking about You and I. Not the type of selfish thinking that Jeff Vogel of the Scorched Earth Party would engage in, but far loftier, measured thought. High Brow stuff. Almost a year ago.

Since we have been too taxed to bother with self governance, David's primary focus is now on the Environment, Quality of Life, and Overpopulation. So thoughtful! I feel so relieved! Now I can watch yet another rerun of Mash and pretend Alan Alda is at bat for me. Life is Good!

I seem to remember that Uncle Joe Biden, and Herr General Colon Powell both predicted a massive event in mid to late January. Deep hints of major things to come, something so big as to test the metal of Presidunt Barky. Cuban Missile Crisis level of stress. So exciting!!!

Along another point along a line without much width is the Rand Corp suggesting that we start a World War to "save the economy" (I read that to mean Save Wall St.'s Command and Control Commie Economy) Details Here.

A caring and loving fellow bought a Bjillion doses of Flu vaccine recently, which would spoil if not used soon enough, and one can't help but wonder how such a good and decent man has escaped my notice until now! Why, This man should get the vewry next Nobel Peace Pwize! Give Ya one guess as to who did the deed.

Another point along a line is the fact that the recent flu vaccine being given out in grocery stores around the land is an attenuated live vaccine consisting of two very interesting strains with innocuous sounding names, far less descriptive than a Luther Burbank flower variety.

I will list the common descriptor: H5N1 (Bird flu) and The recently reconstituted Spanish Flu Virii that President Teddy had developed in the early Bio Warfare days leading up to The War to end all Wars, further refined, accidental or not, with mustard gas as a powerful in trench mutator in the lungs of our Johnnys, Tommys, Francois and the Johanns who were "over there" while the Brits and Froggies were burning through the first ten billion dollars of minted Credit made possible by the Federal Reserve System, allowing a World War to drag on for years. Had it not been for the F.R.B., the war would have ground to a halt in 3 months for lack of gold coin, but as El Neil is fond of saying, I digress.

I have been told by experts that I trust, that when vaccinated with live attenuated strains, You are exhaling live copies of same right after You are vaccinated! Imagine walking around the supermarket, breathing out what was, only a moment ago something that was weakened. Should it reassemble itself, perhaps differently, or if You got a batch that wasn't so well attenuated, and then infect others in a high traffic area, well, it might well be "Katie Bar the Door!"

Let's not forget the effect of a mercury preservative and some aluminum thrown in for 100x more punch designed to put You down, it's a winning combination! The Big Pharma Giants will love it! Even if there is no outbreak, Dementia related disease will skyrocket! Don'tcha just Love Win-Win situations? Never mind that flu vacccines have never bettered the fate of man but followed increasing health due to improvements in nutrition and other factors.

Maybe all that will happen is China will call in their markers and dump dollar holdings in January, leading to oil tankers U-turning in the Sea lanes looking for some other place to off load to a customer who can pay.

Maybe some loner, a suitably prepared Oswald or McVeigh clone will go after or as is often the case, appear to go after President Barky and young, zit encrusted faces in uniform will be ordered to collect our arms until "the National Emergency has passed", in order to prevent the cities from burning to the ground, yada yada.

If McKeating5 is elected, look for gun owners to go back to sleep and possible rioting due to disenfranchised people upset over a stolen election. A McKeating5 administration may well Mandate collection of arms to quell rioting until "the National Emergency has passed".

Just like they were going to return our gold coins when that National Emergency had passed.

I expect that something is going to happen, perhaps in January or years later. Are You prepared as well as You can be? Might be something to ponder....

One thing is for certain. The Wall Street Industrial Socialists aren't throwing 3x to 4x the money at Barky as they are at McKeating5 and his perky cheerleader for nothing in return.

They aren't stupid. Yet, they would be pleased that You would view them as such. Economic Warfare is so much more effective when the victims think what is happening to them is purely by chance.

Or by Ordained Fate.

It isn't so. 4 Decades ago, the madmen around the Pentagon lunch counter spent lots of time ruminating on what their business would be once the world was disarmed and they entered into the new brave era of Worldwide Peace. Leonard Lewin warned us of such thinking in his epic The Report from Iron Mountain One substitute to Open unrestricted war was Economic Warfare against opponents, against one's own.

After all, a buck stolen is a buck made in the New World Odor.

It defies logic that the mechanism of the bankrupt investment banks would be allowed to get fresh injections of capital to loot regional banks and any remaining solvent industry coveted, yet that seems to be exactly what Congress Illegally did when they allowed the Senate to generate a Bill for them to approve. The Top down mechanism should have been replaced, not beefed up, yet that is what they did. Its only purpose seems to me to be a vehicle for further concentrating of power into the hands of a select few.

Maybe the flurry generated by Biden and Powell is part of the Stage Props used to distract and confuse, while our dollar is dismantled further and our retirements are looted?

Could that be "it"?


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