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L. Neil Smith's
Number 492, November 9, 2008

"Just as 'only Nixon could go to China,' only
the first black president would attempt to
reimpose slavery on a nation that once tore
itself into bloody shreds to put an end to slavery."

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by A.X. Perez
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If we want it to be, this disastrous, disgusting election can become a stimulus to a newly-energized freedom movement.
—L. Neil Smith

The good news is that Barack Obama is the USA's first Black President. He also overcame false accusations that he is a Moslem with radical Jihadist ties.

These points make his election a victory against bigotry, and for the liberty movement this is a notable win. I am not saying that this makes up for his faults or that it is the ultimate victory over bigotry. Bigotry is a monster that will require a thousand wounds to destroy. People getting past his color was the result of past successful blows, as were the people seeing past the Jihadist canards. Still bigotry still needs many blows to be destroyed as a factor in American politics.

The bad news is that he is a young charismatic nanny state supporting over regulating victim disarming tax raising statist. He was also elected because more people turned out to vote than in a long time. That means that more people will be ready try supporting something new when they are forced to accept the idea that Liberal statism doesn't work even with the support of the majority and the leadership of a young charismatic popular hero.This can lead to a nasty dictatorship or a renewal of the liberty movement and people ready to hear our message. It's up to us to keep promoting our message.

I don't have an issue with Obama's race. I don't have a problem with his religion. I can handle him being a Yankee. I can even handle him being a Daley machine ward heeler made good.

Of course I have no use for him being a nanny state supporting over regulating victim disarming tax raising statist.

But what is really griping me tonight (4 November 2008) is that the putz is younger than me. No, I'm not just being whiny that he is the first president younger than me.

We are going to have to get it through to kids who are being bombarded with media messages that their newly elected hero is the second coming of the messiah in the form of FDR crossed with JFK that they need to gain control of their destinies, not surrender them to a second rate messiah.

To paraphrase the one good line in the movie version of Starship Troopers, "Think for yourself. In the end that's the only real freedom a man has."

Hopefully the young folk who elected BO to office will be smart enough to not surrender this freedom to him and his successors.

Yes, I know a man can be free all on his own and just tell all of society to fribble off. But I want to leave a free society for my posterity. I guess I'm just fretting that the statists have found a new pied piper to interfere with this goal.

Only time will tell.


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