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Number 493, November 16, 2008

"They Wanted Obama but voted for O'bomber"

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Fascism in Support of Change?
by Dave Earnest

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

"Fascism is a totalitarian nationalist ideology that advocates itself as being a third position alternative to Both capitalism and communism. [1] [2] It seeks to form a mass movement of militants who are willing to engage in violence against their political opponents and groups or individuals that the movement deems to be enemies. [3] Fascist movements threaten or utilize revolution against governments in order to allow the movement to gain power. [4] Fascists wish to solve existing economic, political, and social problems by achieving a millenarian national rebirth by exalting the nation or race as well as promoting cults of unity, strength and purity."
—Wikipedia definition

Fellow Prisoners!

More than 50 million Americans went to the polls and chose Barrack Hussein Obama, heretofore referred to as Bo, to be the 44th president of the United States. He seeks to employ, deploy, and set upon our nation a civilian corps, better armed and trained than our military? Our anointed First Lady has declared that, and I quote "Barrack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism, He will never allow you to return to your lives as usual." The emphasis in bold italics is mine. Ideologically, Bo has declared war on our apathy. If nothing else he will do proper libertarians a HUGE favor and show in living color with Hi definition and 500 channels what happens when you allow your excuses and whining to get in the way of your civic duty to be involved in every level of your lives.

A lot of you are going to buy guns and hunker down for the long term. That's OK, do what you think is right. But what are you going to do when Bo's thugs come to your door and require that you surrender your means of defense?

What are you going to do when any form of dissent is declared a threat to Bo's primacy and is therefore considered hate speech?

What are you going to do when you are declared a political liability and first excluded from the day to day liberty we all now enjoy and be forced to attend lectures on the divine nature of Bo's election to the most powerful position on Earth?

Just asking.

On the other hand, I think this child of an Indonesian Sunni Madrassa and the Chicago public school system will show us all first hand what a wannabe he really is. After he has been read in to the realities of the intelligence reports that the POTUS is privy to, his personal beliefs and agenda will get back burner-ed in a most telling way. The first time he illegally orders the use of force against a previously law abiding, tax paying group of citizens (that's you dear reader) he will find himself holding the dirty end of the stick.

The status quo and Murphy's law stand in Bo's way. There are, according to government stats, between 60 and 100 million gun owners in this country. I expect a third of them to knuckle under and capitulate, a third will hide and deny, and a third will fight back. Even conservatively 20 to 25 million people in active revolt is going to be a problem for Bo.

I like the status quo it at least is peaceful if not a little bitchy. Ol' Murphy is a gun owner. (He probably shoots a 1911) I like Murphy, he's going to keep Bo busy. Four years of not much getting done is what I see.

While our economy tanks and our infrastructure continues to crumble Bo is going to blame YOU AND I for his inability to foster the CHANGE and bring HOPE to the Masses. Bo will try to punish us with executive orders and high taxes. I plan to resist through the ballot box and by being successful at every turn. I will pay my taxes, charge more for my custom built, carbon fiber bicycles and sell fewer of them than I would have under the status quo.

Don't fear Bo but don't assume that his plans don't include or apply to you. They do.

Aim Low and follow up.


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