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Number 493, November 16, 2008

"They Wanted Obama but voted for O'bomber"

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Reality Check
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Baby Bush is not as bad as everyone claims, just compare him to Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy who? The media has done a great job of helping us forget how Carter permitted turning civil rights movements into PC Compliance Agencies, presided over an economic crash marked by higher unemployment, worse business growth than the current debacle and double digit inflation to boot. Let us never forget that twice during Carter's administration the ATF tried to get a permanent database of all 4473's established, to include having it available for Interpol, learned the trick of loading semiauto weapons with cartridges that had oversensitive primers to falsify evidence that they had been illegally converted into machineguns, and tried to get convictions on strawman stings, apparently with Goober's support. Nor should we forget the Iran hostage crisis or the high point of the spread of Soviet Imperialism when their bayonet encountered his mush.

Baby Bush was bad, have no doubt about that. But Carter was worse and we have been led to forget this.

One of my favorite quips is that a madman is someone who fails to subscribe to the same delusions as the rest of society. When the media can erase the memory of our worst president and one who did more than any other to threaten American liberty and make a lesser threat seem worse and define this delusion as our consensual reality the value of sanity seems reduced.

Obama has already promised us tax raises and and indicated support for mandatory national service. He admits that lack of votes in Congress is the main restraint on his pushing victim disarmament laws. He is committing himself to a foreign policy based on internationalist consensus rather than securing and spreading American ideals of liberty.

Bush at least promised to build his presidency on libertarian ideals. He fucked up in ways beyond imagining in keeping this promise. Obama has already made it clear that violating our ideals is necessary to building his vision of a better America. I've got a feeling he will put more effort into keeping his promises than W did.

If opposing these statist dreams is madness I am happy to proclaim my insanity.


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