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Number 494, November 23, 2008

"Any government will grow until it
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Rewarding Failure
by A.X. Perez
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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I really dislike Bill Clinton. however I have to admit he did at least one good thing as president, he ordered the Pentagon to make its research on hybrid engines (and other improved mileage engines) available to Detroit in i993.

Detroit did not take advantage of this. They were concentrating on SUV's, vans, and pick up trucks. Of course they could have used the technologies Clinton made available, and as a matter of fact these technologies were originally meant for heavy duty rough terrain vehicles.

Instead the first hybrid vehicles came out in 2002 and were made by Honda.

Detroit missed the chance to make high mileage, "green," heavy duty vehicles, something for everyone as it were, ahead of everyone else in the world.

Now the same people who made this astounding call expect Congress to cough up $25,000,000,000 to refinance their business operations. Never mind that they messed up the same way in the late Seventies. Never mind that Clinton subsidized them with the Pentagon's notes in 1993 and they blew off this gift.

Unable to get the American people's money by making and selling the cars we want and predicting correctly what we would want in the future they are trying to get our money by getting Congress to fork over tax money paid by us.

I've been arguing for the last couple of years that the USG should find an alternative way to earn money than collecting taxes, selling cars for example. Now American car makers want to start getting a share of our taxes as an alternative to selling cars.

Screw the asylum, the lunatics have taken over the board that defines sanity and madness.


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