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Number 495, November 30, 2008

"The Thought Police have arrived."

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Gun Maker Uses Murderer to Market its Rifles
by Ken Rineer
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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

The National Association of Gun Rights, various state organizations and Gun Owners of Arizona feel it is necessary to inform you of the following:

As you may have already heard, HS Precision Rifles, a South Dakota gun maker, has been marketing their wares using the endorsement of a hired murderer.

As bizarre and demented as it sounds, the HS company has a "testimonial" about their products on the back of their catalog from none other than Lon Horiuchi.

Although they have a civilian market, they clearly are willing to throw civilian gun owners under the bus to get a little government business.

Most gun owners remember Lon T. Horiuchi. But for those who do not, here is a little background:

Horiuchi is the former FBI sniper who shot and killed Vicky Weaver while she was standing on the front porch of her cabin during the notorious "Ruby Ridge" standoff. Vicky was holding her infant daughter at the moment Horiuchi fired a rifle bullet that crashed through her skull, killing her.

The State of Idaho attempted to prosecute Horiuchi; however, the United States Solicitor General had the case transferred to Federal District court where it was dismissed. The case then went to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals where Solicitor General Seth Waxman told the judges that it didn't matter whether Vicki Weaver's death was the result of excessive force, that Idaho county could not prosecute Lon T. Horiuchi for "actions taken in pursuit of his duties as a federal law-enforcement officer."

"These federal law-enforcement officials are privileged to do what would otherwise be unlawful if done by a private citizen," Waxman said. "It's a fundamental function of our government." Waxman went further. He said the facts were irrelevant and said federal agents subject to various state laws could "chill" the government's ability even to guard the president.

Ruby Ridge was one of the darkest hours in our nation's history. Before Vicky was gunned down by Horiuchi, her 12 year old son Sam was shot and killed by Federal Marshals. A family friend was also shot, as was Sammy's dad, Randy Weaver. (Larger Catalog Image)

All of these killings were over an accusation that Randy Weaver had shortened the barrel of a shotgun.

Horiuchi also worked as a sniper when the US Government, under orders from President Clinton's Attorney General, Janet Reno, massacred the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas.

Janet Reno's second in command,Eric Holder has just been named as Obama's pick for our new Attorney General.

Let's face it, gun owners are under siege. We have never faced a President who is as openly hostile to gun rights as Obama. So, when "our" people are using government assassins to sell guns to the government, we must take stock. HS Precision is advancing an agenda that says it's ok for government agents to murder people because they are gun owners and all they want is to practice their religion and to be left alone.

HS has so far refused to respond to questions about their outrageous use of a murderer to endorse their products. Now they need to hear from you. HS can be reached here:

(605) 341-3006 TEL
(605) 342-8964 FAX

HS is a major supplier of stocks to Remington Arms. They also need to hear from you.

Remington Arms Company, Inc.
870 Remington Drive
P.O. Box 700
Madison, NC 27025-0700 TEL: 1-800-243-9700
Fax: 1-336-548-7801

Ken Rineer is President, Gun Owners of Arizona, P.O. Box 18640, Tucson, Arizona 85731-8640


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