Gun Maker Uses Murderer to Market its Rifles
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Number 495, November 30, 2008
"The Thought Police have arrived."

Liberal Media Polls
Liberal Media Polls
by Rex May (note new URL)



by L. Neil Smith

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Elsewhere in this issue of The Libertarian Enterprise, we have reprinted a story about a woman who expressed herself truthfully to an Obama campaigner, and ended up with Secret Service thugs on her front porch, asking her impertinent questions about her private thought processes.

The Thought Police have arrived.

Around about the same time, we heard that Obama had shown a flash of bad temper (not for the first time) when asked a question he didn't care for at a press conference and that the asker was likely to be declared persona non grata at future press conferences. We were also aware that he'd had at least two reporters thrown off his campaign aircraft when their publishers had perfidiously endorsed his political opponent.

Remember Bush II being castigated for saying "If you're not with us you're against us?" Obama has given that ideas legs—and roller skates.

All of this is set against a background of hatred and intolerance—with a definite odor of religious fanaticism—displayed by Obama supporters from the top of the heap right down to the humblest rank and file, and amplified by many in the socialist mass media, as well. This vicious hysteria was observable almost from the start. It was as if no mere mortal could possibly have the right to criticise—let alone to run against—America's future god-king. Over two thousand individual complaints of intimidation and similar malfeasances have allegedly been filed against the Obama campaign in the state of Texas alone.

We reiterate these points in order to ask a serious question. If the Obamaniacs were this bold during the campaign, when votes were on the line, and the whole world was supposedly watching, what will life be like once the god-king has been ceremoniously installed and begins raising the "domestic security force" he has mentioned in several speeches? When will his unaccountable thugs start going door-to-door—as they did in the Chicago voter farms—looking for the guns you own?

There is a way to fight back—a perfectly legal way that can defeat the god-king's ambitions—but it requires more elbow grease and determination than libertarians have ever mustered before. This administration and its glorious leader can turned into a lame duck in its first year, but only if those who oppose it have courage and resolve.

I will explain thoroughly in a future article.

This is absolutely our last chance before we're all taken on the long Cambodian march. Libertarians have always been better at making excuses than getting things done. It's a tradition we must put behind us.


Stay tuned.

L. Neil Smith is publisher and senior columnist for The Libertarian Enterprise.


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Letters to the Editor
from Linda Cirincione, Joan Trofino, Crazy Al, L. Neil Smith, and Dave Earnest

Gun Maker Uses Murderer to Market its Rifles
by Ken Rineer
The National Association of Gun Rights, various state organizations and Gun Owners of Arizona feel it is necessary to inform you of the following: As you may have already heard, HS Precision Rifles, a South Dakota gun maker, has been marketing their wares using the endorsement of a hired murderer.

Entering the Age of O-ppression?
by William Warren
"I certainly feel like they were trying to make me be quiet and trying to intimidate me and take away my free speech... That's what really enraged me is that I thought 'there's a lot of people out there that if [the secret service] showed up on their porch, that's exactly what they'd do—they'd be quiet'... I wasn't going to be the one."—Jessica Hughes, in an exclusive interview with ALG News, November 20th, 2008.

Freedom of the Press?
by A.X. Perez
Yesterday(22 November, 2008) I picked up a copy of El Diario, the local Spanish language news paper. Usually I peruse the El Paso Times, the local English language rag, as I am primarily an Anglophone ( Ring, ring.. Hello, old chap.). However the headline and lead story caught my attention.

Statists Make the Best Libertarian Activists
by Mark J. Nenadov
In your list of the best advocates of liberty, you probably wouldn't include Statists. And yet, I'm suggesting that perhaps the best hope for liberty is to be paradoxically found in the repulsive activity of the Statists. Bear with me here, my point is nuanced.

Did You Visit Your Relatives Today?
Is This Palestine or Soon-To-Be-Ongwehonwe Communities?

by Mohawk Nation News
It's called "warehousing of surplus humanity". All humans are equal. No one can decide that we are surplus. The object is to remove the target people from existence. This is real, folks!

The Day After Thanksgiving
by Dave Earnest
It's the day after receiving a massive overdose of L-Tryptophan and it occurs to me that we as "citizens/prisoners/Taxpayers" are well and truly phucked. The marxocrats are mere weeks away from taking the reigns of power, the tiller of the ship of state (phools!).

Getting What You Paid For
by A.X. Perez
Back in the 1980's when I was much more naive I agreed with this line. It referred to the fact that taxes were high and even so the government was operating in the red but that it was far less intrusive and oppressive than it could have been (plus le change, plus la meme merde).

Eat Political Meat
by Ward Griffiths
Were you hungry this Thanksgiving? I'm willing to wager that nobody in elected or appointed office was. They eat well out of our labor, property, productivity and of course our wealth. At Federal, State and Local levels of office, everybody from the Chief Executive (and his successor) down to the Town Clerk's secretary were living higher on the hog than we the taxpayers.

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The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
of Klepton

The Probability Broach:
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by L. Neil Smith
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