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"The National Recall Coordinating Committees."

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Another Letter from Marc V. Ridenour

Pinup Bettie Page hospitalized after heart attack—The Denver Post

I have a Bettie Page calendar up on my wall beside my computer desk.

A good book is Betty Page Confidential

The Editor

The FX series The Sons of Anarchy had its season finale 26 November. The series dealt with the interpersonal relationships and adventures of members of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (aka SAMCRO), a California biker gang specializing in smuggling guns. As such they spend much time confronting the BATFE.

Without denying the criminal mind set of SAMCRO (more on this later), the series portrays the ATF as sleazier than the criminals it is investigating. This is important. The ATF and DEA because of their job enforcing mostly unjust and unnecessary laws (Hey, there might be a decent law or two in their brief), and much of the FBI because of a wide spread culture of using unjust methods to enforce even just laws have often become greater threats to the American people than the criminals they are supposed to control. Anything that helps people become emotionally aware of this is good thing, hopefully the series and others like it will continue to spread this idea, especially as an administration openly committed too increasing the power of the state prepares to take power.

As mentioned parenthetically, I do have a comment on the criminal mind. There does seem to be people who are attracted to breaking the law simply because it is the law. If the racket they are currently in was legalized they would turn to another. Gun control and drug laws thus serve a vital purpose of keeping most criminals from sinking into utter depravity and becoming congressmen and senators or becoming ward healers for the Daley machine.

A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-

Here's a website you and your readers might find of some interest...

Terry Everton
schooldaze -+at+-

The Appleseed Project

The Appleseed Program is designed to take you from being a simple rifle owner to being a true rifleman. All throughout American history, the rifleman has been defined as a marksman capable of hitting a man-sized target from 500 yards away—no ifs, ands or buts about it. This 500-yard range is traditionally known as "the rifleman's quarter-mile;" a rifleman can hit just about any target he can see. This skill was particulary evident in the birth of our country, and was the difference in winning the Revolutionary War.

Craig Good
good -+at+-

To the Editor:

What will happen after Barack Obama assumes office in January? Will he send the prices of gasoline and Diesel fuel into the ionosphere? After all, he's out to save us all from global warming—even if it doesn't exist.

Another chilling thought: will he ban the burning of wood in fireplaces and wood-burning stoves? With propane and natural gas on a steady upward course, if not the spectacular zoom-climb like gasoline and Diesel fuel, most people who use wood-burning stoves, or just fireplaces, will really be feeling the pinch if he prohibits the burning of wood in fireplaces and stoves!

Another thing that really worries me: he wants common citizens disarmed! Even if he doesn't pass flat-out gun bans, he will at least jack up federal excise taxes on the sales of firearms and ammunition to astronomical heights! And please don't tell me about the Supreme Court—after he packs it with leftist ideologues, they'll rubber-stamp anything he wants them too!

With the Pentagon assigning twenty thousand regular army troops for 'domestic security', he will have plenty of muscle (and firepower) to enforce his will upon us.

Oh, yes, have you checked out "Why would Obama want a separate force with military might?" yet? Please do!

It's a scary time we're in, folks.

Marc V. Ridenour
marcvridenour -+at+-

Remington response to HS and Horiuchi

It is important when we receive a positive response to an alert that we let everyone we know about that response. Here is a response from Remington Arms.

Ken Rineer
purest1 -+at+- COX.NET

More on HS Precision

HS Precision Digs in its Heels

In spite of an avalanche of e-mails, HS Precision, (the rifle and stock maker that promoted its products with a glowing endorsement from Lon Horiuchi has decided to ignore gun owners who expressed outrage at this bit of marketing insanity. (The company was even mocked by Tom Gresham of GunTalk last Sunday.)

But in spite of HS's decision to ignore gun owners (in order to placate their big government customers) your efforts have not been unsuccessful. reports a response they received from Remington Arms, a regular customer of HS.

While we have not been able to see the original e-mail at this time, or prove its authenticity, a review of Remington's website did indicate that they no longer have any mention of HS Precision there, as was noted in the reported e-mail.

But now is not the time to let HS off the hook. What does Remington mean when it says HS should "reverse course?" They won't use a hired killer to endorse their products in the future? Big deal.

Anyone distributing their products needs to hear from gun owners.

Any business relationship with HS is an endorsement of their outrageous policies and callous disregard for innocent human life.

A list of their hunting distributors can be seen here:

A list of their international distributors can be seen here:

A list of their stock distributors can be seen here:
(Note this HS web page has a bad link for Cabela's. They link to a cable website. The correct link is

A list of their "tactical" distributors can be seen here:

If you patronize any of these businesses, they need to know that you are disgusted that they would be promoting products that are hawked by a sniper who shot an unarmed woman through the head, while she held her infant daughter.

It has been reliably reported to us that HS Precision considers the people who have contacted them to be "kooks" and "fringe element." Apparently Remington does not share the same disdain for their customers.

We strongly believe that a company that is far more interested in the approval of government agencies than American gun owners is a danger to all of us.

Companies like HS put profits before principles. They are acting as agents for government agencies that seek to attack gun owners, even if it means gunning them down. As long as HS remains in business, the message is clear; gun owners are expendable, gun hating federal agencies will continue to be accommodated.

Since HS has no interest in addressing the outrage of gun owners (who rightfully consider a hired killer to be a poor spokesman for a firearms manufacturer) we think it's time to turn our attention to their business partners. We hope you do too.

Ken Rineer
purest1 -+at+- COX.NET
Gun Owners of Arizona
P.O. Box 18640
Tucson, Arizona 85731-8640

Palm Pistol

Medicare to Cover Prescription Handguns?

Might be what those of us with arthritus need, eh?

The Editor

To the Editor:

This blog Posting: "Why would Obama want a separate force with military might?" asks a VERY good question: Why DOES Barack Hussein Obama want a "security force" as big, heavily-armed and at least as numerous as the regular armed forces—that is OUTSIDE the regular military chain of command?

Well, I have a nasty, suspicious mind, and I read a lot of history books. I wonder if some of this newspaper's readers have read up on history? Then they might recall that Adolf Hitler had a "security force" outside the regular military that was as big and well-armed as the regular armed forces—this "separate security force" was well known as the "Waffen-SS".

Stalin did Hitler a bit better: the KGB had its own armed force (including main battle tanks, naval vessels up to destroyer and heavy cruiser size, and even its own air force!).

A friend of mind sent me this illuminating e-mail—and I think it sums up the situation exactly:


I lived in Honduras in the early 60s. They had just gotten rid of a "Liberal" president who had a separate force with military might. That was the Guardia Civil (Civil Guard). The "Liberal" president used the Guardia Civil for his own private mad-dog force. It was exactly as Wayne supposes. You can look it up.

After many calls from the people for a "Golpe de Estado" (coup d'etat), the Army got up very early one morning and shot the Guardia Civil in their bunks. Those who escaped were hunted thru the mountains by the people.


So, why DOES Barack Hussein Obama want his very own "Guardia Civil"? Does he (or perhaps his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel) foresee the need for his very own "private mad-dog force"?

And if that is indeed the case, the question: "Then why does Barack Hussein Obama foresee the need for a heavily-armed goon squad at least as big, well-funded, numerous and at least as well-armed as the regular armed forces?" needs to be asked—very badly.

Marc V. Ridenour
marcvridenour -+at+-


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