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Letter from Paul Bonneau

Letter from Nydra Karlen

Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from L. Neil Smith

Another Letter from L. Neil Smith

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Yet Another Letter from L. Neil Smith

Why is it, that the most prolific contributor to The Libertarian Enterprise is not a libertarian?

A.X. Perez' latest effort tells us we need to clean up the FBI. "Given the reality of interstate crime we may not be able to abolish the FBI." Thanks for this opinion, "Mr. Conservative".

Getting back to reality, "we" have no say whatever in the existence of the FBI. If by magic we somehow did have a say in it, we libertarians would normally say "get rid of the damn thing", recognizing that any such police force would 1) necessarily, and in short order, become as corrupt as the current one; and that 2) it's a cure worse than the disease (of "interstate crime"—which tends to be the breaking of mala prohibita anyway), and 3) interstate compacts to pursue real criminals are possible without federal intervention, and in fact such do already exist; 4) we got along swimmingly, even in a far-from-libertarian country, without the FBI for many decades; and if it matters any more, 5) the FBI is unconstitutional.

We learned last issue Perez is a government school teacher, thus propping up through his efforts arguably the worst institution ever created by government, the "reproductive organ of the welfare state" as Vin Suprynowicz put it.

I suggest that the editor label Mr. Perez' articles and letters, "this is not libertarian", in case any libertarian newbies get a wrong idea of what we are about.

Paul Bonneau
2.paulbx1 -+at+-

To Which the Editor Replies:

[Like the man says here:

Most editors are desperate for anything of value to print. Each and every issue, forever and ever, they have this gaping maw to shovel articles into.
—Don Lancaster
The Incredible Secret Money Machine

Mr. Smith and I both enjoy reading Mr. Perez. Anyone unhappy with what we publish is cordially and seriously invited to send us something they've written—and do it regularly!—to offset whatever they find offensive. Then we'd all be happy. I sure would!—Editor]

Since the UAW is expected to cut benefits and wages, why don't the Public Employee unions show solidarity and take equal cuts? Solidarity!

After all, police, fire, bureaucrats, and school district are largely funded by property taxes. Especially in Michigan, the drop on property taxes would help the workers stay in their homes. (We will need to explain to the renters that their landlord does roll the taxes into the rent).

Why doesn't all of Congress cut their staffs and their salaries and benefits to match the UAW cuts—showing solidarity.

Whoops, I must have dozed off—expecting our keepers to reduce their pay or benefits? Ludicrous.

Nydra Karlen
nydra1 -+at+-

The Drug Enforcement Agency has an unusual distinction, it is the only American law enforcement agency I can think of created to make war against its own nation's people. Meditate on this, an entire agency of the US government is, by its very brief assigned to make war on the American people. As long as the effort to enforce the laws alleged to prevent drug abuse is called the War on Drugs (a name it has never given up) the lead agency involved in enforcing it is at war with anyone who uses drugs illegally. Take an unprescribed Darvocet lately? Gave someone with a badly abscessed tooth one of your spare Tylenol with Codeine from when your wisdom teeth were pulled?

Congratulations, you just crossed the DEA.

If every DEA agent was perfectly honest (Yeah, right ) or if the laws it enforced were all perfectly just ( and again yeah right) the DEA would have this one major flaw, It was created to prosecute a war against the American people.

Even if there is no corruption in this agency it is still grounded in a tyranical concept, that a nation's government exists to make war against its own people.

If ever an agency needed to be totally reformed or abolished this is the one.

A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-

My friend "Joe" writes,

"I wanted to let you know, in case you hadn't noticed, that in a recent interview with the founder of Craig's list in Reason magazine, he mentions The Probability Broach as the best depiction of online voting he's ever come across."

Not everyone will be aware that The Probability Broach is my first novel, published in 1980 and still in print. It's available as a paperback published by Tor Books, and as a 180-page full-color graphic novel from

Thanks, Joe, you made my day!

L. Neil Smith

"The best vision I've seen of online voting, frankly, has been in fiction. I'm thinking of a book, The Probability Broach, by L. Neil Smith, which I read maybe 20 years ago but I still remember."
—Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist

L. Neil Smith

George W. Bush's display of ducking skills and reflexes gives lie to the rumors that he has begun drinking heavily. No one with alcohol damaged neurons could have ducked so fast and well!

It will be interesting to see if future historians choose to excoriate or rehabilitate the buachaill. Meanwhile he's got the job for one more month, hopefully he'll use to make up for some of his errors, not add to them.

A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-

Please read: "Unleashed: The ETS: Completely unnecessary":

Rudd has failed to see through the vested interests that promote anthropogenic global warming (AGW), the theory that human emissions of carbon cause global warming. Though masquerading as "science based", the promoters of AGW have a medieval outlook and are in fact anti-science. Meanwhile carbon is innocent, and the political class is plunging ahead with making us poorer because they do not understand what science really is or what the real science is.

The Renaissance began when the absolute authority of the church and ancient texts was overthrown. Science then evolved as our most reliable method for acquiring knowledge, free of superstition and political authority. Suppose you wanted to know whether big cannonballs or small cannonballs fell faster. In medieval times you argued theoretically with what could be gleaned from the Bible, the works of Aristotle, or maybe a Papal announcement. In the Renaissance you ignored the authorities and simply dropped cannon balls from a tower and observed what happened—this was science, where empirical evidence trumps theory.
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L. Neil Smith


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