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Some Simple Shopping Suggestions
from L. Neil Smith

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I'm a bit late getting to this, having just finished the script for my fourth and latest webcomic, Phoebus Krumm, a sequel to Henry Martyn, Bretta Martyn, and The Wardove. Unfortunately, it takes a lot longer to draw these things than to write them, so you may not start seeing the story at until this time next year.

In the meantime, and especially with the holidays bearing down on us, here are some unique—and inexpensive—items (this list is a little longer than the one I mass-mailed a few days ago) you may want to consider, for yourself if nobody else, not one of which requires batteries!

Forge of the Elders, of my own works, probably my favorite, and possibly the largest-scale alternative history novel ever undertaken. Forge features three different mysteries, three love stories, an organically terraformed asteroid, dozens of sapient species—all of them evolved on Earth—and the foundation for a whole new ethical system.

Forge of the Elders is available at

The Probability Broach, the original text version of my first novel, fully restored, and still in print after almost 30 years. An adventure widely regarded as the "definitive" novel of the libertarian movement, Broach is chock full of sex, guns, hot cars (without wheels), and sapient simians and cetaceans for those who don't care about politics.

The Probability Broach is also available at

The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel, adapted by yours truly, brilliantly illustrated—185 pages in vibrant color—by the fabulous Scott Bieser. An excellent introduction to the libertarianism for young people and adults, TPB:TNG is establishing new standards in the comic book publishing industry.

Go to Big Head Press at [or—Editor:]

Roswell, Texas, a graphic novel, story by L. Neil Smith and the sage and surreal Rex F. "Baloo" May, lavishly illustrated by the lovely and talented Scott Bieser. Set in 1947, in an historically alternative a "Federated States of Texas" that were never a part of the United States, it follows the adventures of four very unlikely companions as they investigate something that crashed near the sleepy West Texas town of Roswell. Many, many familiar faces, sometimes doing things very differently than they did in our cosmic neighborhood. 200 pages of hilarious, rip-roaring adventure packed with cars, bikes, planes, dirigibles, guns, and beautiful girls. [also at—Editor:]

Again, go to Big Head Press at Once there, you'll see my latest webcomic, Timepeeper, illustrated by Sherard Jackson, and more wonderful things by many another writer and artist. Big Head Press is at the center of a libertarian renaissance. Come join us in this history-making adventure!

The American Zone the most recent (and lavish) sequel to The Probability Broach continues the adventure of Win Bear, Clarissa Olson-Bear, Lucy Kropotkin and many others, in their home continuum. See how the North American Confederacy plays baseball—and deals with the enemies of individual liberty.

The American Zone is available at

Future Washington is a recent anthology of short stories from a wide variety of science fiction writers, about the future of the city inside the Beltway. My contribution, "The Lone and Level Sands" (a quotation from Percy Bysshe Shelley's sonnet "Ozymandias", set in the same universe as Pallas and my forthcoming Ceres, should please libertarians, real conservatives, and anybody else fed up with being ruled from a swamp in Maryland.

Future Washington is available at

Tom Paine Maru, my original epic novel of the great starships of the Galactic Confederacy, now presented in "the way the author meant it to be read". Lots of space opera, combat, and a bit of sex, combined with theories about the formation of the authoritarian personality that were censored out of the original edition. A truly high-quality product from a new (to me) publisher I'm really enjoying working with.

Go to Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick at [also at—Editor:]

Hope a novel of the first libertarian president, by Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith. Political adventure, plenty of gunplay, and just a little romance—your guide to what ought to be happening over the next eight years. Read it, give it to your friends, inflict it on your enemies.

Go to Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick at [also at—Editor:]

I want to take this opportunity to pay a moral debt I've owed for a long time. My esteemed comrade Dr. Sean Gabb is libertarianism in England, and he carries a heavy load in that vile socialist police state (as opposed to our vile socialist police state). Somewhere in all of that, he found time, a few years ago, to write the richest, most interesting, and entertaining novel I've read in the last couple of decades. The Column of Phocas is a murder mystery set in the shadow of a fallen Rome.

I've been promising to review The Column of Phocas literally for years and never have. I feel guilty every time I think about it, not only for slighting Sean, but for depriving his potential readers of a wonderful, absolutely unique experience. Run, do not walk to his website.

Go to:

Alternatively, you can find a slightly different version of Sean's novel at There, it's called Conspiracies of Rome and the nom de plume is Richard Blake. There's a sequel, The Terror of Constantinople, coming in February, and Sean tells me he's 50,000 words into another, set in Egypt.

Last but far from Least! I have recently joined with Rex F. May (co-author of Roswell, Texas and the cartoonist you probably know as "Baloo") to produce a line of bumper stickers, T-shirts, coffee mugs and similar items featuring short, pithy observations meant to bring a little sanity back to everyday life. Imagine a sketch of the Earth and the words, "IT'S NOT YOUR MOTHER. IT'S JUST A BIG ROCK". Rex has some peachy stuff of his own there, too.

To learn more go to:

Wishing you all the best for the holidays and the year to come,

L. Neil Smith


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