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Number 499, December 28, 2008

"New Tribunals held in Nuremberg, Pennsylvania"

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Letter from Nydra Karlen

Letter from A.X. Perez


It occurs to me that some quick thinking entrepreneur could make a bundle by selling doormats in Muslim nations with GW's face on them. Craig's list or Ebay?

Any interested hard working reader has my permission to "make it happen." Just cut me in for 20% of the profits. I'm easy.

Nydra Karlen
nydra1 -+at+-

Conservative. Me?

Re: "Letter from Paul Bonneau"

Hopefully my Article "To Alter or Abolish" in this issue will explain the rhetorical trick I was using when I appeared to admit that an organization like the FBI might maybe, with a carefully restricted brief might be necessary.

Complaining that I'm conservative and not libertarian is however not nice. I subscribe to the ZAP. I only admit that government is tolerable only if and when it is used to protect and enforce people's rights and only to the degree that it is used towards that end. I belong to Heinlein's party of people who wish to be left alone and who tries to respect other people's right to be left alone. Besides as I have mentioned earlier, some libertarian ideas are held in common with conservative thought, some with liberal.

As for being a government teacher, you have to fight the enemies of liberty somewhere. I'm just perverse and sneaky enough to get them to cover the tab.

There are ultimately two ways to be free. The first is to stand alone outside of human society. The second is to try to create a society that is more amenable to liberty than the one we currently have to endure.

To paraphrase "V" People should not fear their government. Government should be scared of government teachers.

A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-


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