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Number 499, December 28, 2008

"New Tribunals held in Nuremberg, Pennsylvania"

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To Alter or Abolish
by A.X. Perez
(with Comment by L. Neil Smith)
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Arguably there are three main law enforcement agencies in the United States today, the DEA, the FBI, and the BATFE. The last has the responsibility of enforcing laws that violate people's natural right recognized in the Bill of Rights to arm themselves in defense of their persons, families, freedom and property. The second has consistently violated the rights of the accused, criminalized people for daring to exercise freedom of thought, and negligently mismanaged much of whatever legitimate case work it stumbled across. The first was created to blatantly make war against the American people.

These agencies have regularly prosecuted people innocent of any real crime to run up their stats, up to and included their numbers for seizing property under "civil forfeiture" laws. Not content with the protection money called taxes, they regularly seize money and property from people under "civil forfeiture" to fatten their purses. They have each incited people to commit crimes, if for no other reason than to force them to become informants who will themselves turn into agents provocateurs to please their handlers. Often their agents have accepted bribes to engage in the very criminality they were supposed to prevent. Frequently they violate the Bill of Rights and other Federal and state laws protecting citizens rights, the very laws they were most fundamentally created to protect.

Severally and in unison the DEA, BATFE, and FBI have degenerated into organizations engaged in ongoing criminal enterprise. By failing to reign them in the US Government has degenerated into an ongoing organized criminal enterprise. Perhaps it is time that a complaint or series of complaints be filed in Federal Court under the RICO Act addressing this point. I don't expect anybody will go to jail for it besides some designated fall guys, nor do I expect the government to have to pay any penalties or lose property over this.

However, our beefs with the government will be spelled out in open court, and public pressure can be brought against the tyrannical gonifim in Washington to reform these agencies or abolish them and the unjust laws they operate under and /or are assigned to enforce. Perhaps this can set a deadline for reform: alter or abolish those institutions violating the American people's freedom before them rascally libertarians are through organizing and presenting their RICO case against the USG, its agencies, and its agents.

Ultimately tyrants rely on criminally applied force to maintain power. If and when those who love freedom are required to defend themselves by force against agents of a dying kleptocracy trying to take its enemies with it it is very important (at least to me) that there be no doubt that the enemies of freedom are the true criminals or that we took every step we could within the law to effect change before the fighting started.

If nothing else is accomplished it should help keep the ammo bill down.

Over the last month I have spent time reviewing some of the more obvious problems with three of the Federal Government's agencies before stating this conclusion.

If there was ever an appearance of sympathy for any of these agencies in these articles it was to make sure that there be no doubt that even viewed in the most generous light they have degenerated into or always existed in a state of tyranny, corruption and criminality.

Thanks to the publisher, editor and readers of TLE for being patient while I reached this conclusion.

Comment by L. Neil Smith:

My dear Albert:

Thanks for writing about the DEA, FBI, and BATFE. Not one of these three intrusive and violent organizations has any standing whatever under the Constitution. They are not mentioned in Article 1, Section 8, which enumerates the powers of Congress (i.e., the only things the government is allowed to do) and they are therefore illegal. Accordingly, everyone who participates in them—and any individual with the authority to stop them who fails to do so—is a criminal.

In the future, following the New Tribunals held in Nuremberg, Pennsylvania, I foresee the building of a modern, high-rise prison on the otherwise unused island of Alcatraz, reserved especially for such governmental miscreants. I, myself, will donate the first money toward its construction. For a small fee, tourists in excursion boats will be invited to "chum" the waters around the island with meat that could not otherwise be sold after its expiration date. That way, San Francisco Bay's famous shark population will remain interested in patrolling the boundaries of the prison.

Let's hope there are a lot of escape attempts.


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