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Number 499, December 28, 2008
"New Tribunals held in Nuremberg, Pennsylvania"

by Rex May (note new URL)
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We have been informed by a Reader that Robert Jackman (a.k.a. "Dr. Julius No") died on December 7 from injuries received when someone ran him over with their car. We have no further information at this time. He and his cheerful outlook on the future will be greatly missed.

This is about it for Year 2008, almost all used up. In a couple of days we get a brand new Year 2009. Let us see if things go better in that year. Let us hope! Now, if the temperature would just get up above freezing....

Thanks to our Supporters, for this is indeed a Reader-Supported eMagazine:

And hey, next issue is number 500. Wow! Maybe we'll have something special. Or maybe not. Stay tuned to find out, eh?

Ken Holder

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Letters to the Editor
from Nydra Karlen and A.X. Perez

They Hate Our Guns?
by Susan Callaway
Right now it all seems pretty hopeless since Obama and his incredible cast of control freaks are about to claim even more power over us than any king who ever sat on the face of the earth.

To Alter or Abolish
by A.X. Perez
Arguably there are three main law enforcement agencies in the United States today, the DEA, the FBI, and the BATFE. The last has the responsibility of enforcing laws that violate people's natural right recognized in the Bill of Rights to arm themselves in defense of their persons, families, freedom and property. The second has consistently violated the rights of the accused, criminalized people for daring to exercise freedom of thought, and negligently mismanaged much of whatever legitimate case work it stumbled across. The first was created to blatantly make war against the American people.

The Bailout
by A.R. Salyer
If you have been watching or listening to the news any over the past 48 hours you have more than likely heard that CEO's from some of the enterprises that benefited from the "Bailout" cannot really account for where over 100 billion dollars has gone, or what it was used for.

Cabin Fever?
by Dave Earnest
Fellow Prisoners! Merry (insert your deity here)-Damn Winter Solstice and shit. The weather outside has been a balmy 25f for the last week. What with globular warming leaving 22" of proof positive that pesky humans are fuckin' up the environment! I mean really it's (insert your deity here)-damn December in Oregon how can it possibly snow? It almost never happens! (Only) every 7 or 8 years, (1968,1974,1982,1990,1996,2002, 2008)....

Atlantea The Beautiful
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 4 of a weekly cartoon series.

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Tom Paine Maru

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The Last Sonuvabitch of Klepton
The Last
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The Probability Broach:
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