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Number 500, January 4, 2009

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Think We're Free? (For those that still think we might be)
by A. R. Salyer
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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Think we're free? Try sending your child to your local government indoctrination camp (public schools) without paperwork confirming their latest round of vaccines.

Think we're free? Try to open a bank account without having to show your government issued "papers".

Think we're free? Try making "too many" withdrawls from you savings account during a month and see what happens.

Think we're free? Try telling the policeman at the next road block you stop at you refuse to show your government issued "papers" based on your 4th Amendment rights.

Think we're free? Check your paystub and see how much you "contribute" to the government.

Think we're free? Walk into a courtroom carrying a modern military pattern battle rifle and a sidearm and try telling them it is well within your 2nd Amendment rights to do so.


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