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Spinach and Martial Law
The Kaptain's Log
by Manuel Miles, aka Kaptain Kanada
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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

In a previous article at TLE I mentioned that my parents used certain joking expressions which held a lot of meaning for them. One of these was, of course, "Wrong way, Corrigan!" about which I wrote in the above-cited article. Another was based on a cartoon which amused them...

Picture a small boy staring suspiciously at his foliage laden plate at the supper table. His earnest parents entreat him to, "Eat your salad, dear!" In the next panel the lad retorts, "Well, I say it's spinach, and I say to hell with it!"

I don't know where or when this cartoon appeared, but I always found it to be very instructive. The point is, of course, that when somebody is trying to con you into accepting something that you hate, they will try to convince you that it's something else; something that's good for you.

Recently I read these articles: and about the US military's plans for martial law and how martial law would only be declared as an extreme measure in response to violent insurrection and in order to protect the innocent masses and it's for your own good and blah blah lying blah. I found myself muttering, "I say it's spinach..." over and over as I pondered this militarist con job.

Another use for notorious mis-labelling is to confuse the public so as to mislead them into political dead ends, philosophical blind alleys, moral cul-de-sacs and, if they won't eat their "salads", plain old concentration camps. That's why the lying statist media would have us believe, for example, that there is a "difference" between statist parties and politicians; "It's not more of the same old hogwash kiddies, it's change you can believe in. It's a kinder, gentler rampaging empire, it's a new deal, it's a new frontier, it's a contract with America..."

Well, I say it's fascism.

Look at the example of these very preparations for martial law, for instance: the Clintonistas and Obama worshippers would have us believe that The Problem is that their people had to stand in the wings for eight years of the Bush/Cheney regime. All this militaristic nastiness is due to The Other Party being in power, instead of Noble Us. Lying lardbags like Michael Moore push this line of nonsense. What they don't tell you is that the noble Bubba Clinton himself started the push for martial law, a project that the Bush leaguers have promoted with great enthusiasm, ten years ago (read the first of the two cited articles). The Democrats are supposedly an alternative to the Republicans?!?

I say they're both fascist.

And the bastards who rule us know that people are catching on to their con game, too. That's why they foresee "civil unrest" in response to the disasters wrought by the plague of Big Government and its bastard demon-child, the US Empire. The only "order" they want the military to preserve is their damned New World Order.

And I say to hell with it.

If food shortages and unemployment should lead to riots, you know that the very last thing the Obombers and Bushies and Clintonistas will say just before they unleash their war dogs on the populace will be, "Let them eat salad!"

Before that evil day arrives, we must let the minions of the State know that we will refuse to submit to martial law. We must prepare for massive non-violent non-compliance demonstrations, boycotts, et cetera. The most effective defence against martial law is a pre-emptive offence of open defiance Nothing scares the State like people who aren't scared of it.

At every opportunity, we must refuse to accept lies, infringements of our liberty, and all forms of state coercion. We must insist that it's spinach, and say to hell with it. We must let the bastards know that we'll settle for nothing other than...

Peace and Liberty.

Manuel Miles is a Libertarian Christian and an inveterate iconoclast. He challenges authorities, experts and conventional "wisdom". He is a writer and itinerant pedagogue from Edmonton, Canada whose professed ambition is " trample everyone's sensitivities, regardless of their race, creed, colour, political persuasion, or what-have-you." His few friends describe him as "a nasty bit of baggage," and they are understating the case.


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