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Of Irony, Ideology and Vocabulary
The Kaptains Log (again)
by Manuel Miles, aka Kaptain Kanada

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

In his cheery Message From The Publisher for the Christmas edition of TLE, L.Neil Scrooge treated us to a brief summary of his religion—oops—"objective reality". While it is not my practice to argue with people about their religious beliefs, non-beliefs or personal philosophies about The Meaning (or meaninglessness) of Life, I do and will argue what is important to the cause of Peace and Liberty with friends, foes and total strangers alike.

One of the keystones of Libertarianism is, to my humble little mind, the ZIP, or Zero I've-cornered-the-market-on-objective-reality Principle. I very much fear that my good friend and publisher, L. Neil, has violated that sacred principle.

In his pagan paean to the holy non-god called science, El Neil equates "flat Earthers and evolution deniers" [italic emphasis mine] just before banishing both to the depths of the secular humanist hell of short life in a cave. Here we come to the vocabularic ironies of this omniscient ideology...

The first time I heard the word "denier" used in this way was by members of The Holocaust cult. The second time I was labelled (and libelled) with it was by members of the Global Warmite cult. In both instances, the outraged cultists were indignantly horrified that I dared to contradict What Everyone Knows Is True. For people who don't believe in God, this absolute certainty is a dogmatism which equals or surpasses that of any religion which I have ever studied.

Another irony lies in the fact that the Global Warmites are members of the very same Holy Church of the Almighty Objective Science of which El Neil is an adherent, if not a priest. Yes, I know that there is a Great Schism in their religion, and that the Warmites consider the Coolites to be some kind of Nestorian heretics and vice versa, but I am, as I previously stated, not interested in debating others' religions nor even their infernal internal disputes, only how they practice and promote them in regards to us non-believers.

More importantly, I am interested in how they attempt to stifle opposing views and other forms of heretical dissent. The use of this word "denier" is central to the statist idea that My Group Has Truth and the heretics had better toe the dang line or be burned at the stake. (Note the irony in that, if you will.) Here we have all the hallmarks of mis-guided and mis-interpreted religion at its worst.

I suggest to my friend El Neil that such a figure of speech ("evolution denier") is unworthy of him, unfit for any libertarian, and a real good example of the kind of Thought Control of which Mr Eric Blair ("George Orwell") warned us. No matter how certain we are of our beliefs, we need to leave the door open just a wee bit to the remote possibility that we just might be wrong. When we state the contrary, we slam the door on that possibility, as well as on the recognition that the other chap has rights himself, namely: the right to be heard and the right to be "wrong". To a Libertarian, the right to be wrong is, and ought to be, sacred.

The final irony is that if we talk like our enemies, we will, as the author of 1984 and Politics and the English Language warned us, begin to think and act like them. I offer these comments in the spirit of friendly criticism and support of the ZIP, and in the sure and certain hope that El Neil will take them in the same spirit in which they were made.

For the record: I don't deny that the Nazis killed millions (probably 4 million) of Jews. I do deny that anyone has ever proven the politically-inspired figure of six million. I also believe that Zionists are the biggest "holocaust deniers" in history, as they push the false idea that only Jews were singled out for extermination by the Nazis, despite the fact that five million Poles were systematically murdered as well as nearly every Gypsy in Europe. (It's a sad historical fact that Europe's Jews were not, as a rule, big fans of the Gypsies. Perhaps that is why we never hear of the near-total annihilation of this ancient nomadic people.)

I am also interested in the fact that Turkey, whose military-controlled "democracy" still denies the mass murder of from 1.5 to 1.8 million Armenians in 1915, is a friend of the state of Israel. Of further interest is the fact that the pro-Zionist, western media try to keep that little tidbit of history quiet while constantly beating the drum of "The Six Million" in a non-stop propaganda campaign in favour of every atrocity committed by the Israeli army.

In Canada, thanks to the "fact" that We All Know that there was only ever one "holocaust" in history, it is illegal to make the statements above. My opinions constitute "hate crime" here. Well, to hell with the God damned government and all its laws; if they want me they know where to find my denying carcass.

Also for the record, I do not believe most of the holy "science" of the Global Warming agitprop. I note that unprecedented solar storms have occurred recently, and that is the most likely influence on climate. That said, I oppose pollution and believe in the Libertarian principle that anyone polluting others' soil, air and water should be sued into bankruptcy with no protection from Big Government.

Finally, it is my very sincere belief that chimpanzees are descended from Darwinians. Nothing anyone says can dissuade me, and that's "...all there is to it."

Wishing you and yours a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year, I have the honour to remain,

your most obedient servant,


Manuel Miles is a Libertarian Christian and an inveterate iconoclast. He challenges authorities, experts and conventional "wisdom". He is a writer and itinerant pedagogue from Edmonton, Canada whose professed ambition is " trample everyone's sensitivities, regardless of their race, creed, colour, political persuasion, or what-have-you." His few friends describe him as "a nasty bit of baggage," and they are understating the case.


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