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Number 501, January 11, 2009

"Complaining won't get you anywhere,
so the question really is: what are
you doing about all this?"

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Solving ALL the World's Problems—NOW!
by Dennis Lee Wilson
DennisLeeWilson -+at+-

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

There has been a big debate on some "libertarian" discussion groups about who did what to whom in the Gaza strip. Personally I am grossed out and thoroughly tired of people—claiming to be libertarians—who think that I can be swayed to embrace THEIR particular totalitarian cause if I am deluged with enough pictures of dead people in Gaza or dead people in Auschwitz.

I can think of NO REASON why I should give a shit about two GOVERNMENTS—Hamas and Israel—fighting each other! As Jim Davidson said in one posting, "I could honestly not care any less which side is 'right'. A pox on both their houses."

We "libertarians" seem to agree that the BIGGEST threat to YOU AND ME as individuals is "Government" in general and the various governments within the USA (Federal, State, County, City, Parish, School districts etc, ad nauseum) These are a much bigger threat than anything that is half a world away. So why is there such a concern about what OTHER stupid and totalitarian governments are doing? It is abundantly clear that the biggest threat to YOU AND ME personally is MUCH CLOSER and more important than choosing sides in some stupid conflict between totalitarian governments(!) half way around the world!

Once again we are witness to "libertarians" choosing to focus energy and attention on less important issues that DIVIDE us rather than the really important issues upon which we supposedly can all agree.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence faced a similar problem regarding the (then world wide and centuries old) issue of human slavery and they put it aside in favor of issues that they COULD solve and upon which they were in UNANIMOUS AGREEMENT.

We alleged "libertarians" still have much to learn from people who are two centuries dead.


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