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Number 501, January 11, 2009

"Complaining won't get you anywhere,
so the question really is: what are
you doing about all this?"

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Shame on Us
by A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

We who read and write to TLE on a regular basis pride ourselves on our love of liberty. We call ourselves libertarians, a name derived from liberty. We state our opposition to our current government because it fails to help us protect our liberty. We get on our rulers' collective case for failing to protect liberty.

Yet we disregard the fact that there are people being held in involuntary servitude in the USA. Most of them are illegal immigrants, most of them are being forced to work and live in abysmal conditions not because of any voluntary agreement however misguided, but by physical violence, lies, and threats. Many are subject to to rape and sexual exploitation.

And we've kept our mouths shut.

So I recommend the following.

Withhold your custom fro people who are blatantly abusing low pay workers, especially illegal immigrants. If you live in the southwest you will be doing business with people who hire illegal aliens, you may even employ them from time to time yourself. There is a difference between low pay and cheating employees. I know readers of TLE stay on the moral side of the line, but be careful with whom you do business.

Secondly, get after the state and its agents to earn their keep and end the abuses in question. The state is tolerable only to the degree it protects freedom. Badly written immigration laws and enforcement policies are part of the problem, so is the willingness of the government and its agents to turn its back on the enslavement of citizens and foreigners within our borders.

Finally bear in mind that the FBI was originally simply the Bureau of Investigation and that it was able to gain power by building on the Mann Act passed in 1910 to ban white (sexual ) slavery. Almost a hundred years later the problem is still here and sooner or later it will give the Feds an excuse to expand police power in a manner that destroys freedom while pretending to protect it.

I'm sure most of us will not come face to face with this evil. But when we do we must do our share to help destroy it, before the enemies of freedom use it as an excuse to enslave us all while pretending to defend liberty.


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