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Number 501, January 11, 2009

"Complaining won't get you anywhere,
so the question really is: what are
you doing about all this?"

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The Randomness of the Cosmic Comedy
by Dave Earnest
earnest_dave -+at+-

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Fellow Prisoners!

Make damn sure you backup everything important to you on your computer at least monthly. Daily would be better.

New Years eve my computer spontaneously took its own life. It was the first time I actually used a fire extinguisher for it's intended purpose in my home. Very bad. I lost the whole shootin' match folks. Including the backup device with the media inserted. I am a month behind now on everything as that was my most recent viable full backup.

I lost every other damn thing like my cat's baby err kitten pics didn't get backed up. Waaaaahhhh!

That's tragic and all but in the scheme of things I didn't lose a damn thing of any importance. I'm out a few hours to rebuild my system and $485 to replace the burnt hardware. What pisses me off is that I lost my article for issue 500. That's OK though because this weeks rant is about everything that the various contributors to TLE have provided us.

Previously in TLE 500

Kap Kanalien taking El Neil to task for some imagined slight of Christians Or Kanaliens or some pseudo-neo-semi-erudite but ever so slightly polite disagreeableness.

Paul Bonneau chiming in with a cautionary tale of observed second hand intellectual frippery with allusions to Animal Farm.

A very well thought out and communicated essay by Kent McManigal. I agree that the well intentioned are usually insane. Mainly because they are Limbaugh-esque liberals or whatever the current label is for people who wish to participate in eroding our already tortured and mutilated Liberties.

Puck T. Smith dropping the hammer on Statist Israel (Isreal?) versus Statist Islam.

A.R. Salyer tortures us with yet more redundant redundancies about our tattered liberties. Nothing new there.

A.X. Perez introduces us to a new Oxymoron! "Reasonable, Common Sense Regulation". And then continues with yet another balanced and reasonably well written Opinion-Editorial on (What a fucking shock!) you guessed it! Gun Control. There's a subject near and dear to my heart that like my heart has been done near to death within the realm of discourse that is The Libertarian Enterprise. It contains all of the buzzwords and this versus that of the entire argument.

Russell D. Longcore covered that nitwit Russian Economist Prof. Igor Panarin whom he generically refers to as a "former KGB Analyst". "Professor" Panarin was a rather gifted propagandist in the Komitet Gosudastvennoy Bezopasnosti 1st Directorate, under Gorbachev which dealt mainly with extra Soviet espionage. He is/was no more an Analyst than I'm a Muslim. Just take my word for it.

More of the Same pretty much.

This Brings me to THE POINT!

Neil and Rylla have taken on a huge project bringing the Word to the People. Starting with the ZAP and moving forward. I am interested to see how that is received by the denizens of TLE. I haven't the patience to talk this to death anymore. Let's DO SOMETHING! Personally, being the crazed, hotheaded, opinionated, obstinate, obtuse, abstruse, knuckle dragger that I am, I feel that the time for talk is past.

It's like Drunk Driving. We all know the dangers and that none should drive under the influence or people could die. Yet people continue to do it day after day after day. There is NO excuse for this behavior yet I continue to hear some asshole say "I only had 2 beers" or whatever. The governments have all added stiffer and more onerous even draconian legislation yet people continue to drive drunk and kill and maim. I experienced my own close encounter with drunk drivers on 3 separate occasions the last one almost killed me. I have been in horrible hideous and continuous pain since April 9th 1995. I have no patience for people that think it's OK to drive under the influence. After the first offense that involves injury or death, whatever the victim experiences should be the punishment of the offender. You kill somebody, you die, period. You maim and paralyze someone you get a baleen hammer to whatever area of your body that your victim had injured. Read Beulah-land I had a copy of it around here somewhere, very Olde Testament approach to societal control.

And so it should be regarding our GOD GIVEN rights. Someone decides you shouldn't be trusted with a butter knife should have said butter knife inserted sideways in a most tender and painful area. The Statists have forgotten for whom they are responsible because:

WE THE PEOPLE have been too fucking lazy or otherwise preoccupied (as I have said REPEATEDLY here in previous rants). I read a short story a long time ago about a serial killer that chose his victims simply because they were rude. The ensuing randomness of the killings and a newspaper editors insight that all of the dead folks were known to their neighbors to be particularly unpleasant people caused a sudden wave of politeness to sweep the nation. I wish I could remember the author and title of the story.... Part of that brain damage thing.

Imagine a serial killer randomly shooting statist assholes....

Better still 10,000 random statist murders. You mess with peoples freedom you are going to die. That'll make even the most disconnected, poll driven scoundrel take pause before he or she decides to tax ammunition, make it illegal to home school your kids, practice the desire to worship whatever deity or none. Smoke a little weed or whatever without the permission of the "Authorities". Go ahead make my day come repossess my property because I decided to not pay taxes.... Murder people because they want to live simply and quietly while worshiping some self proclaimed messiah? Janet Reno, Lon Horiuchi, Clintons, BATFE, IRS, DEA, DHS, ICE etc... Target rich environment for a not insignificant portion of 307 million people having a bad day.

Having been raised (poorly) a protestant (You know, all the guilt of Catholicism without the sodomy....) This approach to societal engineering appeals to me on so many levels. Another Idea! Involves compulsory dueling in both the House and Senate Floors whenever debate on yet another law that negates the 2A.

Unanimous consent indeed! I like it.

Time for more painkillers.

Aim Low and Follow Up!


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