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"Politicians must be taught, in no
uncertain terms, that the only real
way to economically "stimulate" the
Productive Class is to stop stealing
their fucking money!"

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Letter from Ward Griffiths

Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Dennis Wilson

Letter from Puck Smith with Reply from Bill St. Clair

Letter from Frank Ney

Letter from Marc V. Ridenour

Another Letter from Frank Ney

Another Letter from A.X. Perez with Reply from L. Neil Smith

Letter from Chris Claypoole

Letter from Curt Howland

Letter from David Earnest

Response to "Letter from Paul Bonneau"

> I have to come down on the side of Manuel Miles ("Of Irony, Ideology
> and Vocabulary"). And that's even though I myself do not adhere to
> any particular creed, theist or atheist (that I know of).
> I used to be more like Neil, handing out gratuitous whacks to
> religionists left and right whenever the irritation level (of their
> constantly looking at the world as if God had something to do with it
>—the nerve!) got too high.
> Then I got older and, I hope, a bit wiser. I read Dale Carnegie's
> "How to Win Friends and Influence People". I calmed down. Most
> importantly, I learned to let the expression "Praise God" (and any
> derivative thereof) roll off my back with a smile.

I used to try that. I got walked on for decades. Anybody says "Praise God" or "thank God", I respond with "Fuck your imaginary friend". I am not merely an atheist or agnostic, I am an antitheist—if G-D shows up, I'll kick his ass. HE can kill me, or send me to his Guantanamo if the Jesus fanboys are right, but "faith" will still be the nastiest four-phoneme word in the anglic language.

> As Miles points out, Global Warming IS science.

No, it isn't.

> Anyway, one has to ask the question, "who benefits from religious
> strife?" The answer is the same as the answer to "who benefits from
> racial strife?" The ruling class benefits. It behooves us not to fall
> into this trap, and not to unnecessarily alienate potential friends.

It is often a reason to eliminate idiots from that pool (since it's illegal to drown them in it).

Many "Potential Friends" are government agents or idiots or both.

> The main reason to stop, though, is that it was good for me, and it
> would be good for Neil too. Life is much better when you stop looking
> down your nose at other people who are not harming you. Better for
> YOU, not only for the people you are sneering at.

Religious idiots harm anybody who isn't a member of their club (and themselves as well). When government (and the religions associated with it, in the US that's generally protestant) claims "God is on Our Side", any opposition can be killed without crime or sin. (In other demesmes, these actions are called terrorist).

> Neil wrote, "I don't care about anybody's religion as long as they
> keep it in their pants.". What a strange thing to say

Like Neil, I have people knocking on my door every day trying to convert me to their particular imaginary friend. We're not allowed to shoot them (I dunno whether Neil wants to) and in New Jersey I'm not going to admit having the means to do so.

> I'd counter, "Let them say what they want, think what they want.
> That's freedom for you. It harms me not at all."

It harms me a shitload, they get laws passed that mean I can't have sex with who I want or marry who I want (and I'm straight, got no interest in underage girls, just happen to be polyandrous—if you don't know what that means, neither did any of the fifty-one or more governments who think it's illegal).

> In fact I enjoy when
> my friends feel they can talk this way without expecting a sneer from
> me for it. It draws me further into their company and their good
> will. And I like that.

I let them talk as they want. They don't return the favor. But one baseball bat upside the head, and I'm accused of a Hate Crime. Even if the bat is against my head.

Ward Griffiths
wdg3rd -+at+-

Re: "Letter from Curt Howland"

OK, you got me dead to rights.

Mr. Howland is absolutely correct in saying that conceding anything to the government is admitting they have the right to exist. If nothing else one is setting oneself up to go down a slippery slope of "well if you admit this then you must admit ...".

On the other hand if you can actually afford nuclear weapons larger than five megatons please introduce me to your portfolio manager so we can see if he can help me achieve your level of financial comfort. Then again, if we can get rid of all the frakking taxes thermonuclear devices may become relatively cheap enough for regular folks to buy.

It would make for interesting fireworks display on New Years, Guy Fawkes Day, and the Fourth of July.

A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-

RE The 2009 Declaration of Independence

Dear Mr. Longcore,

Regarding your article "The 2009 Declaration of Independence" in the Jan 11, 2009 issue of The Libertarian Enterprise:

You have done a fine job with your update to the Declaration. Upon first reading, the one item that stands out as error to me is the following:

The US Federal Government has been unable or unwilling to secure the borders of the United States of America, and to effectively control and regulate immigration. It has obstructed the laws for naturalization of foreigners, refusing to pass others to encourage their migration hither, and altered the conditions of lawful immigration of foreign persons:

In the June 10, 2007 issue of The Libertarian Enterprise, I pointed out in detail that "Immigration Control is UN-Constitutional".

If any mention of the Federal Government's actions with regard to immigration is to be made at all, it should be that it has far overstepped its authority in this area, as I point out in my article.

Best regards,
Dennis Wilson
DennisLeeWilson -+at+-

Re: "Letter from Bill St. Clair"

While I hold no illusions that Obama is going to be anything other than business as usual, I'm willing to let him be inaugurated before I blame him for the continued war crime of Iraq. Perhaps should bet set to 0 until the 21st.

Puck Smith
puck.smith -+at+-

To Which Mr. St. Clair Replied:

You're right, of course.

I considered that, but decided I had the motivation to set it up when I did, and might not later. Nobody's paying me for this, though it would be lovely to receive some donations. So the counts will be a little higher than they would have been had I waited until the inauguration.

We got a similar complaint about the "America in Chains" counter, which counts since the November 2006 election. 2 years later, the small difference doesn't really matter. The Democrat Congress made no real changes.

I sincerely hope that the Obama administration gets the US out of Iraq, and that my Obama Body Counts stop increasing. Time will tell.

Bill St. Clair
billstclair -+at+-

Re: "The Randomness of the Cosmic Comedy, by Dave Earnest"

"Imagine a serial killer randomly shooting statist assholes....

Better still 10,000 random statist murders."

Imagine a place where this is not only encouraged, but enshrined in the Construction.

See signature.

Pretty soon, the works of Heinlien, Piper, and others will be seen as probable cause that the reader is a terrorist, much as a copy of Shotgun News was for the Branch Davidians.

Frank Ney
n4zhg -+at+-

SIG: "Apparently on New Texas, killing a politician wasn't regarded as malum in se, and was malum prohibitorum only to the extent that what the politician got was in excess of what he deserved." —H. Beam Piper, Lone Star Planet (a.k.a. A Planet For Texans

Obama's "health care czar," Tom Daschle ADVOCATES the creation of a federal health care bureaucracy whose decrees will SUPERSEDE the judgment and decisions of physicians and their patients.

In other words, if a medicine or treatment protocol will "cost too much", you won't get it! Just like Great Britain's "N.I.C.E." (Don't they have cute little acronym euphemisms? Because nice it definitely IS NOT!)

So that could well mean YOU WILL DIE! Because some health-system bureaucrat in a Washington DC office disapproves a medicine or treatment protocol because "it's too expensive."

Well, folks, most of you voted for it. I just hope it won't KILL you—or ME!

Marc V. Ridenour
marcvridenour -+at+-

No books for kids under twelve

"WASHINGTON, D.C.—The American Library Association (ALA) released a letter to Congress yesterday, urging members to take action against a recent opinion ruling released from the General Counsel of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that would require public, school, academic and museum libraries to either remove all their books or ban all children under 12 from visiting the facilities, beginning on February 10."
Read More

Why isn't this "General Counsel" hanging from a lamp post in front of his office?

Frank Ney
n4zhg -+at+-

Knives and fire are two of the tools separating humans from really smart sub-sapient primates.

The TSA bans carrying knives and fire starting tools onto airplanes.

Imagine: a government agency is actually trying to reverse evolution.

A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-

To which Mr. Smith Replied:

And have apparently succeeded, where TSA employees are concerned.

L. Neil Smith

For your culinary enjoyment, a CBS video about an interesting place to have a light snack.

Chris Claypoole
igli1969 -+at+-

Read: "Amazing Private Pilot" by Lew Rockwell.

This is exactly the kind of person I want flying airplanes.

Responsible, rational, considerate.

Chesley Sullenberger sets the bar higher for all pilots.

"...pulled off the only ditching with no deaths (and no serious injuries!) in the history of commercial aviation."

Curt Howland
Howland -+at+-

"Obama Unveils New Grand Plan for the Economy", by David Bardallis
WASHINGTON—President-Elect Barack Obama called on Congress to quickly pass a new fiscal stimulus package that would provide nearly $100,000 trazillion gaquillion frijillion in an effort to revive the U.S. economy, which some experts believe has entered a recession.

"Every economist I've ever heard of agrees what we need now is significantly more government investment to offset the negative effects of whatever it is that is happening," Obama said at his Monday press conference. "Accordingly, I and my team of advisors have developed a comprehensive plan that will shore up our financial institutions, put jobless Americans back to work, allow everyone in a house to keep it no matter what, rescue any failing bank or business, provide a hot meal to anyone who is hungry, improve the well being of all citizens, and give a puppy or kitten to every child who wants one.
Read more

Thanks Glenn!

That was not only informative it was effin hilarious! When speaking of anything numerical after 10xe9 just gets silly. Trazillion gaquillion frijillion indeed!

David Earnest
davidjearnest -+at+-


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