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Number 502, January 18, 2009

"Politicians must be taught, in no
uncertain terms, that the only real
way to economically "stimulate" the
Productive Class is to stop stealing
their fucking money!"

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Burden of Proof
by A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Fair warning, this is a gong I intend to beat regularly (drums ain't loud and annoying enough).

Those who hold political power must be required to prove the benevolence of their means and ends. They must be required to do so not to the satisfaction of their followers, but of their most bitter and uncompromising opponents. They should expect no slack for good intentions. They should assume there is no excuse for breaking promises to those who distrust them.

Barack Obama promised he would not seek gun control laws. He did not say he would not seek "reasonable regulation." He said none at all, period.

He promised he would close the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay immediately. Now he is saying he will do so within a year. apparently some of the people locked up at Gitmo would be legitimate prisoners of war if we had bothered to properly declare war and need to be detained. Sorry, no excuse. Close the camp. Open a new camp for those who are making clean war against the US, bring to trial those who are accused of crimes and convict or let go. Please do not make excuses about needing more time, last I heard the last of those interned at Guantanamo were captured around Spring 2003, it is ridiculous to claim that more time is needed make a case or admit error and cut them loose.

Obama promised to get out of Iraq within sixteen months. Especially since Baby Bush has in fact started to wind down American involvement this should be assy enough to keep.

BO promised an income tax cut that would benefit ninety five percent of Americans and claimed he only wanted to get the remaining five percent to pay their fair share. Let us see how that turns out.

Only after these promises are kept should Mr. Obama and his supporters in Congress ask for more laws, regulations and otherwise seek to impose their political will on the rest of us. And then they should be required to make new promises and prove their good faith in keeping these promises.

Not to the satisfaction of those who seek to empower the government without reasonable, common sense, restrictions but to the satisfaction of those who question what sane decent, persons would seek so much power.


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