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Number 502, January 18, 2009

"Politicians must be taught, in no
uncertain terms, that the only real
way to economically "stimulate" the
Productive Class is to stop stealing
their fucking money!"

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Fleas on a Dog? Change? A New Direction?
by David Earnest
davidjearnest -+at+-

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Fellow Prisoners!

As I begin my 51st year it has become clear to me that the world, The Planet Earth it seems, is turning against us. The Planet is treating humans like fleas on a dog. Shaking, scratching, heating up the traditionally cool areas, cooling down the traditionally warm areas. Raining in the dry places, drying in the rainy places. I think you get the idea. Not a battle we can hope to fight if it's only fractionally true. We humans are an odd bunch. We like continuity, tradition and habit. When things happen outside the ordinary, the customary and the habitual we call that "stressful."

We don't deal with change real well do we? Look around in your own world how you deal with change. Been fired lately? How did that make you feel? Been dumped by a woman or a man? How did that make you feel? Ever been first in line at the bank when 3 of 4 tellers go to lunch? Been in a speed trap? Try being rational with a 3 year old. Life is designed to be unfair, how well you deal with the intrinsic unfairness of life is a gauge of how successful in life you'll be.

Sorta. Okay how do you feel about the fact that your governmental creatures have saddled the next 3 or 4 generations of our kin with an almost insurmountable level of debt? $200k as of December 2008 for every man, woman, child. That's Government debt. That's not your personal debt. We own that. That's our economy. Our government debt has saturated the market. Supply exceeds demand. No one is going to buy it anymore. Right now if you buy a T-note for a $1000 and hold it until maturity you'll get $930 back. Not a good investment.

In my next Rant I'm going to introduce you to Article V of the constitution. I'm going to clue you in on how the GOP and the Democrats in the Senate have spiked the ball whenever someone has gone to the trouble to petition the House of Reprehensibles for a majority vote on a Constitutional referendum. This has been going on since 1808.

In the meantime folks just remember Aim Low* and Follow up!**

* 2 to the groin

** 2 to the face

Dave lives somewhere in Portland OR. Classically educated. Well traveled. Master of the Blade and Pistol. In the '80's he served as a civilian advisor in Central America. In the '90's he spent his spare time breathing life into the Beast that we now call the Internet. He was one of the few "experts" of the time that yelled loudly that Y2k was a con job and no one listened. In the early 21st century he lost everything to the ENRON debacle and the subsequent Dotbomb. In his secret underground fortress Dave works intermittently on directed energy weapons and carbon fiber bicycles. He receives his instructions from his Lord and Master, Bubba, an Alien being disguised as a 20-lb North American Armanankle. He can be reached directly by mind meld or email. Email is preferred as the mind meld causes bastard headaches.


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