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Number 503, January 25, 2009

When will enough be enough?
When will people stop obeying?

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Reality Check
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Barack Obama is neither the New Messiah nor the AntiChrist. I'm sure most libertarians understand this but be aware that liberals and conservatives have imposed these Apocalyptic expectations on him. This tempts him and his successors to overplay their hand and behave tyrannically, convincing themselves that their misuse of power is for "the greater good." On the other hand conservatives will be tempted to go too far in overturning his actions when they inevitably return to power. They will forget that counter-tyranny is still tyranny (those who even consider the political debate in terms of tyranny versus liberty).

What we must remember is that BO is a Daley machine politician who made good, what Heinlein called a "business politician." While such can be a threat to freedom it is entirely possible to somewhat control what deals he is part of and cut our losses. To again refer to Heinlein the difference between bad and worse is less than the difference between bad and good. For the time those are the choices we are stuck with at the Federal level, we have to keep things from getting worse until we are in a position to seek good.

I'm not happy about this situation, frankly ever since 9/11 became Baby Bush's reason to turn his back on the Bill of Rights I've been underjoyed by our Federal misleaders (actually for much longer but America's history did take a major change on that date.).

There are in fact goals on the Left's agenda compatible with libertarianism. Perhaps we can keep BO and his crew sufficiently busy implementing those goals to have time to to do too much harm. But this will not happen if the semireligious expectations the media's talking heads have gotten the people of the World to apply to the USA's new President are not replaced with more realistic ones.


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