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Number 503, January 25, 2009

When will enough be enough?
When will people stop obeying?

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Taxes, Statism, Authority and Anal rape. Or Three Weddings and a Funeral?
by David Earnest
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Fellow Prisoners!

To me Taxes is the rewarding kick in the balls you get from government for earning a living. How dare I be independent of governmental benevolence! What odoriferous selfishness!

"His Mind Is Gone"

When needed, this system completely ignores or is too indifferent to our existence to respond. This can't be allowed to stand. When denied our due from government will we personally bring about the destruction of the system? One way or another it won't take much effort to push it over. Near enough to 60 trillion dollars in debt to be meaningless anyway. This government is a walking corpse. Animated by habit, tradition and ritual. It has no mandate from the people it serves. It commits horrible crimes as the will of the American People? Not this American. I was never asked. Nor did I ever give it permission to conduct wars against the people of Iraq or Afghanistan. I don't personally know of anyone that would even pretend to have the desire to burn their towns, villages or cities for vengeance for 9/11. The TSA and Homeland Security should not exist in this country. They protect nothing with no mandate to protect anything. They know they have no mandate and so have taken over in the power vacuum created by entirely corrupt politicians with no clue what honor and justice means! They each and all took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. And as we all know it means nothing to them. It's like the handshake. The railroad was built on a series of handshakes, the subsequent contracts were a formality. As soon as 50 years ago, broken promises or promises made and not kept could destroy your reputation and end your business career! Now if it isn't in writing at the onset it doesn't mean anything. I studied law for 3 years, I am not an expert by any means. I lost interest real quick when I discovered that justice doesn't exist. It's deep pockets that wins. "They" have more lawyers than you. Don't expect any fairness unless you have a minimum of a hundred million dollars. When you are done though you have enough for bus fare and 3 items on the dollar menu at McD's.

Obama has his hands full of sand, gravel and that which fills holes. Timothy Geithner, O's choice for Treasury didn't pay taxes to the tune of around $100 grand? If you or I did that we'd be on our way to the land of the orange jumpsuit. Or dead. He's getting a pass by the PTB. "Honest mistake". By the only guy that understands "TARP".

"He's Dead Jim"

WTF is that? TARP is an abbreviation for the Troubled Assets Relief Program which is the largest part of the United States' so-called "$700 billion bailout plan." How can a government with no mandate and a $60 trillion dollar debt pull $700 billion out of our collective pockets? It can't. There is no basis for it. Supposedly the rest of the world works on the basis that a healthy economy cannot hold debt exceeding 3% of it's annual GDP. The US GDP was GDP: $13.84 Trillion (2007 Est.) Let's call it $14 trillion. Doing the math that comes to $52 billion in max debt per year assuming a Zero basis (balanced books) at the end of your previous budget cycle. Never happens, never will happen. Doing a little more math Dividing $52 billion into $60 trillion we've over spent the nations debt ceiling for the next century and a bit! The USA is INSOLVENT, BROKE, Maus Todt! How in the purple pantaloons of a cartoon dinosaur did we let this happen? I have no answers kids. Just anger.

Dave lives somewhere in Portland OR. Classically educated. Well traveled. Master of the Blade and Pistol. In the '80's he served as a civilian advisor in Central America. In the '90's he spent his spare time breathing life into the Beast that we now call the Internet. He was one of the few "experts" of the time that yelled loudly that Y2k was a con job and no one listened. In the early 21st century he lost everything to the ENRON debacle and the subsequent Dotbomb. In his secret underground fortress Dave works intermittently on directed energy weapons and carbon fiber bicycles. He receives his instructions from his Lord and Master, Bubba, an Alien being disguised as a 20lb North American Armanankle. He can be reached directly by mind meld or email. Email is preferred as the mind meld causes bastard headaches.


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