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Number 506, February 15, 2009

"Let me begin with the facts."

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by David M. Schmidt
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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

"Peace," the eternal infants cry,
With trembling lips and tear filled eyes.
But they coo at the bombs and parrot the lies
When their newest messiah fires the skies.

"Tolerance," the kept professors preach,
in act as in thought, in deed as in speech.
But they dance at the fire and drink in the smoke
When one of their own is burning the books.

"Co-exist," the well-trained children scrawl,
In clever symbols on paint clotted walls.
But they curse the survivors and spit on the dead
When the new order's acolytes turn the ground red.

Now justifiable wars are of course justified,
and those who are different in the wrong way must die.
Freedom is precious but what offends must be banned,
so they sleep soundly at night while the blood dries on their hands.

David M. Schmidt is a Signatory, Covenant of Unanimous Consent


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