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Number 508, March 1, 2009

"The one hope we have is to aggressively reassert
the libertarian principles that propelled the American
Revolution and turned the world upside down."

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A Little Austrian Flea
by L. Neil Smith

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To tell the truth, I'm getting very tired of writing about economics.

I'm not really interested in it, compared to other things I am interested in, and compared to them, I don't know much about it. In perfect honesty, I slept through most of my initial college economics classes, which were held as early in the morning as possible, boringly recorded on videotape, and inflicted on huge auditoria full of dozing students over TV monitors mounted in strategic places around the room. I remember much more vividly various sprightly selections from Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass that they played before and after each presentation.

On the other hand, it's undoubtedly all to the good that I absorbed the barest minimum of establishmentarian economic "wisdom". Thanks principally to Robert Lefevre, as well as other proponents of the Austrian School of economics, I learned that the subject isn't nearly as complicated as those who fondly imagine themselves in authority—politicians, bureaucrats, and especially academics—have always wanted everybody else to believe. Exactly like medieval Terracentric astronomy, with its epicycles and epi-epicycles and epi-epi-epicycles, the subject has been deliberately cluttered, made unnecessarily complicated, precisely in order to discourage the average individual from thinking about it too much and discovering the truth.

I do know enough about economics—and so do you—to understand that the "stimulus program" of Barack Obama and his ravenous parasitic hordes, supposedly designed to "repair" America's broken economy, reveals him to be unimaginably stupid, gibberingly insane, or simply the biggest, most barefaced criminal thug ever to occupy the White House.

And that's saying a lot.

Obama's is exactly the kind of "program", carried out by previous administrations (notably those of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton), that got America into this quagmire to begin with. It's the way that sorry old douchebag Franklin Delano Roosevelt took an economic downturn (caused by the Woodrow Wilson Administration to begin with), one that wouldn't have lasted eighteen months in the ordinary course of events, and allowed it to continue for twelve long, gray, dreary, hopeless years—until FDR could arrange for the gullible Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor (to the wild cheering of that jackal Winston Churchill) and distract everybody from his abysmal failure to clean up Wilson's mess.

Only someone as puffed up and demented as John Maynard Keynes, every left wing fascist's sainted mentor in this connection, could manage to convince himself that taxing America's Productive Class can restore it to prosperity. In point of fact, it's like screwing for chastity, guzzling alcohol for sobriety, or gorging to fight gluttony. It's like killing indiscriminately for peace—oops, Democrats, Republicans and their moral and spiritual ilk have devoutly believed that particular bit of perverse nonsense since at least the War of 1812.

I had an editor once who advised me, whenever I was inclined to believe various individuals and groups were involved in a conspiracy, to consider, instead, the simpler possibility that they're stupid. Although that was probably the wisest thing the guy ever had to say, it's hard for me to believe (and this is probably a weakness on my part) that people can be that stupid. Some observers (increasingly, I find myself among them) believe that America's real function over the past couple of centuries, has been to generate wealth to be drained off by the inbred families and ancient festering powers of Europe.

Where did that first, enormous blast of federal "stimulus" money go? Unbelievably, the Obama government refuses to say. But it might be useful to check the Swiss bank accounts of Albert II, King of Belgium, that sour old prune a Canadian friend of mine refers to as "Betty Battenberg", or anybody else on the Bilderberger membership list. Contrary to the views of various observers, I don't believe this group and others like it are right wing or left wing. They're essentially and unmistakably feudal—and the American Productive Class are the serfs.

What I worry about most, given current world events, is that our would-be overlords, still smarting and furious about what happened in 1776 (not to mention the French Revolution) and determined to regain control, may have finally decided it's time to kill the goose, extract the remaining golden eggs—where did that money go?—and get on with establishing a New World Order that, in fact, is a very old kind of world order, based on hereditary power, stolen wealth, and brute force.

The one hope we have is to aggressively reassert the libertarian principles that propelled the American Revolution and turned the world upside down. Never again can we afford to be timid or tepid. The usual Conservative Republican limp noodle act won't do the job. Nor will the cowardly and idiotic course (to dignify it in a way that it probably doesn't deserve) being pursued by the libertarians in name only who presently control the Libertarian Party. Unless we actually want to be reduced under absolute despotism (which I sometimes suspect Nerf libertarians are unconsciously guilty of), we have to take as hard a line as possible against the New Feudal Order being erected all around us.

And create a Newer World Order of our own.


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