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Number 508, March 1, 2009

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Just a Few Thoughts on Fixing the Economy
by A.X. Perez
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A recent article on MSN Money reported that fears that President Obama might enact anti gun laws and policies have spurred gun sales so much that gun company stocks have risen up to 56% while the Standard and Poor average has dropped 2%. This leads to an intriguing plan to break the recession/depression: Keep rumors of gun control legislation floating, never actually pass any and let gun sales help restart the economy.

The question are Mr. Obama and his political allies smart enough to take advantage of this and willing to hold back on their gun grabbing proclivities, at least long enough to break the current minor depression we're having? (I refuse to call it a major depression unless it extends into January 2010.)

Meanwhile, this is a good time to re-legalize the manufacture and importation of machine guns for private ownership by civilians. The taxes to be gained from selling about ten to twenty thousand new Title II weapons would help reduce the deficit and debt ( I am morally opposed to taxing guns, even machine guns, I will explain why in the future. For now suffice it to say I agree with L. Neil Smith's objections to taxes on weapons and ammo. That said, I am discussing arguments to present liberals, not necessarily what I truly opine.).

Legal machine gun owners have demonstrate themselves to be exceptionally law abiding and deserve the recognition of having more MG's made available. During these troubled economic times it is foolish to keep a product that can be sold at great profit out of the hands of responsible, honest purchasers.


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