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"A bust has become a panic and is
well on its way to becoming a rout."

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"Hill and Dale in Slumber Steeping"
by A.X Perez
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Last summer my dog Petie, the pit bull in the rose bush, died of old age and cancer. She would have hated this winter, none of the nights got cold enough for me to bring her in to sleep.

Petie spent most of her time in a pen outdoors to keep her from getting into potentially killing fights with our other dogs. She got the run of the backyard three hours in the evening and anywhere from a half hour to two hours an evening play time with people. She usually slept outdoors. However when the weather got cold enough I'd bring her in on her leash to sleep in the den with me.

We'd start with Petie sleeping next to me on the couch. Then she'd be asleep on my with her head on my shoulder. Then she'd put her nose in my ear, I'd move over and her head was on the pillow. Nose back in my ear and she had more of my pillow. By the time it was time to put her back in her pen for the day she'd spent most of the night curled up asleep on the pillow. She got away with this by taking a little at a time and by being careful not to wake me up.

The erosion of civil liberties, from stricter and stricter "gun control" to wiretaps to holding people in jail until they confess to crimes to internal checkpoints where government agents have the power to decide what kind of vehicle you may drive and how much cash you may carry happened a little at a time, carefully done, never waking us up.

We have also won some victories gradually, to include the erosion of unjust restrictions on gun carry rights, the weakening of racial bigotry as public policy, and the withdrawal of government intrusion into people's bedrooms. Of course there is a big difference. Our goal is to wake people up to the joys of liberty and if we practice gradualism it is not policy so much as taking what we can get when we we reach the limits of our reach and mustering strength to move on.The enemies of liberty on the other hand do want us to stay asleep, not notice that we're losing anything until we have nothing left to lose.

A pit bull stealing her master's pillow is cute, and she did leave me a quarter of the pillow. Tyrants are not cute, and they will not leave us any freedom.


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