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Number 510, March 15, 2009

"The Missouri government wants you dead."

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Over the past several weeks, trillions of dollars (a trillion is a one followed by twelve zeroes, a thousand times a billion) have been stolen from the American Productive Class by a criminal organization that calls itself the Democratic Party. Trillions more are being manufactured now, at its bequest, out of thin air, by government printing presses and the extension of fairy-dust credit, in the name of repairing what historians will someday call the Great Depression II.

The legendary looters of history—Attila the Hun comes to mind—would bawl unconsolably to learn that everything they ever stole over a lifetime wouldn't amount to a drop in the ocean of this theft. The trouble, of course, is that it won't work (it isn't really meant to), it can't work, it has never worked, and it never will—as the Democrats understand perfectly well. It is, in fact, the very kind of statist skullduggery that got all of us into this mess in the first place.

Look: the Great Depression I became inevitable when, under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, a small handful of crooks acquired the power to decide—to command—what the rate for lending money would be.

Historically, this kind of thing was decided in the free market, where millions of individual choices determined the rate—the interest rate—at which money was to be lent. In good times, it would be cheaper to borrow money, but in bad times, lenders were rather less enthusiastic about taking risks, and their lack of enthusiasm was expressed as a higher rate of interest, a kind of credit rationing process. People became more careful with whatever money they did have, they "husbanded" their resources, trimmed the fat in their economic lives, liquidated bad investments, kicked their brothers-in-law out of the house, and made their sons-in-law get a job. Eventually, times got better again—usually in just a few weeks.

Members of the Productive Class were lied to, however. They were told, by the puppet media and the public school system, that massive fluctuations in the economy—called "panics" back in those days—were caused by the private market, rather than by the government. They willingly let the monetary system be handed over to a gang of crooked mercantilists.

With the twisted gnomes of the Federal Reserve in control, interest rates were kept artificially low for transparently corrupt reasons (politically, for example, low rates are extremely popular with voters, and therefore with politicians—the Fed is, first and foremost, a political institution), and a huge credit bubble began to build, made up of hot air and bad economic choices which would never have been made if money had been "tighter". Would-be entrepreneurs borrowed money for all sorts of dubious enterprises and then were unable to pay it back. When the bubble "burst", initiating a titanic cascade of loan defaults and bank failures, we called it the Great Depression.

And when the Franklin Roosevelt Administration tried to fix the mess—much the same way the Obama Administration claims it is doing now—instead of lasting for a few weeks, the Great Depression lasted twelve years. The difference is that Obama's people know better and are using their inflationary wrecking ball on the American economy anyway.

The question everybody seems to be asking is, "Why"?

The current depression was born when the administration of Jimmy Carter, and a Democratic Congress, irrationally demanded that lenders approve mortgages for individuals who really couldn't afford them and would almost certainly never be able to pay them back. The political strategy of giving goodies away like this, in exchange for votes and other kinds of popular support, was probably old hat by the time the Romans got around to plying urban tenement dwellers with bread and circuses.

At the same time, housing for the poor appears to be some kind of bizarre obsessive-compulsive fetish for President Peanut. He's spent decades since his deeply flawed and humiliatingly failed presidency, hammering nails into future residences under the Habitat for Humanity program. How ironic it is that, just as the economy begins collapsing, so are the former president's shoddily-constructed houses across the country.

The Depression-to-be got another big boost when Bill Clinton and his minions, instead of shutting down Carter's massively inflationary program as they should have, increased it geometrically, flooding the economy with more counterfeit money and empty credit. To some economic observers, it meant that massive inflation lay just around the corner. In fact, inflation was already here, in the guise of obscenely high prices for homes, and prices for stock that had no connection with reality.

Nobody can blame Wall Street or the bankers for that (although they're guilty of other crimes, like fractional reserve banking). They were simply doing exactly as they had been told, operating in a market severely distorted by government interference). Nor did it help things when George W. Bush reacted just as irrationally as Carter and the Democrats had, invading two middle eastern countries, following 9/11, that had had nothing to do with what had happened that morning. Those wars are still ongoing, paid for by hundreds of billions of dollars in paper currency and credit. Republicans who cheered Bush on have as much to answer for during this wholly unnecessary crisis as do the Democrats.

Enter the God-King, Barack Obama, trumpeted in amidst the noise and dust of collapsing financial institutions, institutions that had loaned out trillions to unreliable borrowers and were now unable to get the money back to pay their own debts, It was a catastrophe more spectacular and dangerous to western civilization than the destruction of one side of the Pentagon and a handful of tall buildings in New York.

I'm speaking here of the election, not the financial collapse.

Virtually the first thing the new boss did was start handing out unprecedented trillions to those very failed and failing institutions, a recipe for (A) rewarding failure, (B) punishing to the point of what Skinnerian Behaviorists called "extinction" those who wished to make it on their own, but could only watch helplessly as their resources were expropriated to be consumed by those who harbored no such wish, and (C) turning prospects of inflation into a near-certainty of hyperinflation of a kind not seen since the pre-war Weimar Republic, when people took wheelbarrows of paper money to buy bread, or post-war Hungary, where 13 trillion paper Pengoes became equal to one gold Pengo.

I maintain that Obama and his henchpersons know perfectly well what they're doing to what was once the most peaceful, prosperous, and progressive nation-state in human history, and that they're doing it deliberately.

In Cambodia (hang in there, I'm not really changing the subject), between 1975 and 1979, Communists calling themselves the Khmer Rouge managed to murder somewhere between a quarter and a third of their nation's population, about two million individuals in all, mostly by driving them out of the big cities, where they had lived more or less normal 20th century Productive Class lives, and marching them out into the open countryside where they were commanded to cast off the western influences dominating their lives and start over again virtually as prehistoric farmers. Those who didn't survive the march or couldn't make the change were beaten to death with shovels in order to save ammunition.

While most of the world (including the United States government and media) turned a blind eye on this atrocity—Joan Baez refused to; she spoke out against what was happening in Cambodia, only to find herself bitterly criticized by Jane Fonda who maintained that good socialists must never speak ill of other socialists—the Communist government of neighboring Vietnam finally had enough. They invaded Cambodia, stopped the killings, and drove the Khmer Rouge out of the country.

For which they should have gotten a Nobel Peace Prize.

It's hard to believe that people can do these kinds of things to one another, but human experience indicates that it happens all the time. Lenin killed tens of thousands of his own people. Stalin killed tens of millions. Mao killed many more. Hitler fits in somewhere between Lenin and Stalin. But proportionately, the Khmer Rouge are the champions.

Of mass murder.

The trouble is with socialism, which resembles a form of mental illness more than it does a philosophy. Socialists get bees in their bonnets. And because they chronically lack any critical faculty to examine and evaluate their ideas, and because they are pathologically unwilling to consider the opinions of others, and most of all, because socialism is a mindset that regards the individual—and his rights—as insignificant, compared to whatever the socialist believes the group needs, terrible, terrible things happen when socialists acquire power.

Even Amnesty International calls socialist governments "killing machines". Maybe they said "communist"—no significant difference, really. They're just brand-names. To both, the individual—that's you and me—is wholly expendable in the name of the all-important collective. Republicans are socialists, in the sacred, collectivist names of national security, tradition, the patriarchal family, and God.

Obama keeps talking about change, about hope, and about remaking America. A clue to what he really has in mind can be discovered in a United Nations document—enthusiastically supported by most American politicians—called "Agenda 21". Under this plan, devised for us in 1992 by humanity's mortal enemies within the UN, every person on this continent will be rounded up and forced to live in "arcologies", vast piles of thousands of apartments, stacked one upon another. If you've ever seen a typical Japanese apartment—Ken Takakura's dwelling in the 1989 movie Black Rain, for example—you'll have a pretty good idea.

Life in a shoebox.

Life in a cell.

With humanity thus contained—quarantined—as if it were some kind of disease (an article of leftist dogma since the 1960s), rather than the pinnacle of evolution that it truly is, the countryside will be emptied, cleared of all human artifacts and other traces, and, in keeping with current environmentalist insanity, allowed to return to its "natural state". Except, that's never how it really works out.

Instead, said empty countryside will become a playground for the socialist elite, the nomenklatura as they were known in bad old Soviet Russia, who will vacation there, perhaps even dwell or retire there in an aristocratic splendor that the peasants, crowded together in their dark, dirty, crumbling hundred-story warrens (with the exception, of course, of the young, attractive slaves they select to take with them in the name of "National Service"), won't be allowed to see.

Understand: none of this can happen unless these would-be aristos like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and Frank fail to achieve certain preliminaries. The first is to destroy the economic structure of the United States. The second is to thoroughly discredit anyone who dares to oppose them and mentally condition coming generations to serfdom. The third is to remove all weapons from the hands of the Productive Class so they won't be able to resist being rounded up and penned like cattle.

Judge for yourself how much of their agenda they've completed so far. Then consider what it will take, not just to slow them down here and there, but to stop them, once and for all, forever. I believe that if as few as ten million Americans knew about Agenda 21, and fully understood what it means for them and their children, that would do it. These criminal parasites need darkness to do their dirty work, and, like the soul-sucking vampires they are, they hate the light of day.

As I said, it's hard to believe that people do these kinds of things to one another. It's harder still to believe that they can happen here, in what used to be America. But try looking up how the English upper class treated a conquered Scotland; the keyword is "clearances".

So the first thing that must be done is to spread the word. Begin with this essay. Send it to everyone you know, at least a dozen people. Yes, you may very well be laughed at as a conspiracy nut, but you now know why Obama seems to be deliberately wrecking the American economy.

It's because he is deliberately wrecking the American economy.

And being laughed at by idiots is a tiny thing—they laughed at me when I predicted the collapse of the Soviet Empire back in the 1970s—compared to the enslavement and dehumanization potentially staring us all in the face. The Founding Fathers—conspirators themselves, and, according to the leading lights of today's New World Order, terrorists—pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

Are you prepared merely to forward something in e-mail?

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