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Number 513, April 5, 2009

"Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper."

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More from the Border
by A.X. Perez
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Senator Kerry and his buddies were in El Paso for hearings regarding the Drug Wars in Mexico and the danger of their spilling over to the United States.

They concluded that the risk had been exaggerated and that the US did not need to post troops on the Border. The local DA claimed that the problem had been exaggerated by people pushing their political agendas.

Such as the politicians who want to be seen as Doing Something and thus Demonstrating Their Leadership.

Such as supporters of victim disarmament looking for an excuse to trash the Second Amendment.

Such as people wanting to enact more repressive policies to control immigration.

Such as news vendors in Tucson And Denver who needed something to make a fuss about and put selling papers and air time over the facts, or more accurately, an honest interpretation of the facts.

It's pretty bad when people who normally wish to engage in unwarranted expansion of the powers of the government and its intrusiveness in people's lives say that someone is unnecessarily calling for excessive government exercise of power. Yet that is exactly what Mister Kerry and company concluded this last Monday. May it be the first of many times they turn away from continually calling for Government intrusion into the lives of the American people.


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