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"The shot heard round the world"

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Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from Rex May

Letter from Mike Blessing

Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from A Reader

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Letter from Marc V. Ridenour

Letter from Curt Howland with relevant remark from A.X. Perez

Another Letter from Rex May

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Crazy Al

My new website at Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick just went online. It's sparse, but we'll be adding a lot more. Take a peek:

L. Neil Smith

right-wing extreamist

right-wing extreamist

Just did these in response to Heimatsicherheitdienstamtführer Napolitano.

They're available at

Rex May
rmay -+at+-

Shadow Congress, Anyone?

I recently saw the letter-to-the-editor in TLE #514 about the Shadow Cabinet. I thought that similar sort of "think tank," working along legislative lines, would be helpful, as a way for prospective libertarians to debate legislative proposals for rolling back the State.

This isn't intended to be specifically for the LP, BTP or RLC, and is in no way affiliated with any of them.

Mike Blessing
mikewb1971 -+at+-

(In)Correct Grammar

In a recent letter to TLE I made a double negative error. I wrote that I did not expect the government to not act to protect our rights if we get after them about it. I meant to say I did not expect the government to act to protect etc. and so on.

However I stand by the statement. I fully expect them to back down and protect our rights on minor matters, expect us to be satisfied with minor victories, and then expect us to go away satisfied.

They are half right. We should accept the minor victories, then go on to the the greater struggle to completely secure our God given rights and liberties. And this we must do until we are free to say, "Tyrannia delenda est."

A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-

New bumper sticker:

(click for larger version)

A Reader

You are receiving this notice because you were listed as an outreach contact on the Tax Day Tea Party web site.

In coordination with the April 15th Tea Party rallies, a Send-a-Book-to- Politicians Campaign has been launched to take the message of protest directly to the legislators so that its presence can be felt in Washington DC and Governors' offices across the county. The book selected to be sent is Atlas Shrugged, because it demonstrates what comes when a government violates its citizens' individual rights instead of protecting them. Let the weight of the books received convey the measure of our displeasure with their policies.

Help get the word out that there is an organized effort to:

Be Counted ... by registering the number of books sent to the legislators.
Be Visible ... by sending these books to your politicians so that they can SEE that you do not support their current policies and proposals.
Be United ... in delivering the message that we want our individual rights and freedoms protected, not plundered.

Help insure that the April 15th protests are seen as more than just a "tempest in a teapot".

About is a grass-roots effort focused on protecting individual rights and freedoms. The Send-a-Book-to-Politicians-Campaign is running simultaneously with the Tea Party Tax Protests. Complete details can be found at

tea party
Tea Party Tax Protest in Des Moines, Iowa!

Marc V. Ridenour
marcvridenour -+at+-

Remember the Missouri "modern militia" report? [See "Peaceful Dissent and Government Witch Hunts" by Anthony Gregory in issue 512—Editor]

Here's another one. I did a google search, and it's in a lot of places, but I can't absolutely confirm it's genuine.

[link to a 2-meg .pdf]

[Link to Judge Napolitano's show clip]

It was featured on Napolitano's TV show yesterday. He talks about it at about the 3:00 mark and references it further on.

Curt Howland
Howland -+at+-

And A.X. Perez noted:

Recently the Obama Department of Homeland Security published a report referring to the threat to national security represented by Right Wing Extremists. You will be happy to know (or maybe not) this means you if you live in the US and read The Libertarian Enterprise because you agree with the ideals it espouses (I'm sure there are many non libertarians who read the TLE for a variety of purposes, ranging from scholarly research and dilettantism to being a government agent who is convinced we are plotting the imminent overthrow of something or other (can we overthrow inanocracy? I wanna overthrow inanocracy!)).

By the way we get included with a lot of people with whose ideas we don't agree. Apparently anyone who strongly disagrees with the liberal, statist agenda is a RWE and possible terrorist. If Mr. Obama wants to ever get my vote he should rein in the damn fools that write reports that confuse dissent and terroristic tendencies. At least Bush admitted that internal dissent was Constitutionally protected free speech.

The report in question bares a rather long winded title and was commented on in the op-ed page of the 18 April 2009 El Paso Times ( in an article entitle "You might be a right wing extremist" by Charlie Edgren. It might be worth looking up to see what other wonderful garbage Mr. Obama's wanna-be secret police are coming up with. It may even inspire you to look up the original report.

A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-

Jefferson Extremist

I just made this up as a T-shirt, cap, cup, keychain, etc. for sale here:

Rex May
rmay -+at+-

News from the Border

President Obama stated on Thursday 16 April that he would not seek a restoration of the "assault weapon" ban. This was stated in the context of supporting the Mexican government in its efforts against the drug cartels. He did call for stricter enforcement of laws to prevent the smuggling of guns to the cartels from the US.

So, where does this leave us? On the one hand we can enjoy a few months of peace from the victim disarmers at the Federal level. On the other hand if you live along the border with Mexico you can expect to be hassled more by more fascistically-inclined Law Enforcement on the pretext that they want to make sure the AKS in your back window or trunk is for personal use and not being smuggled into Mexico.

Expect more Immigration and Customs check points on the highways in border states, looking for drugs coming in from Mexico and guns and money for drugs going to Mexico. Expect that even as the effort at Federal level gun control eases off the pressure will increase at the state and local level. This will of course increase the depth of the cultural differences between "Blue" and "Red" states, pro and anti gun America. Expect efforts to resolve these differences to use methods aimed more at denying people's rights rather than enhancing them.

However, at least for the time being the Feds are not trying to ban ugly guns. We can work a little more on staving off other threats to freedom and even regaining some of our stolen rights. Let us use this time well.

A.X. Perez
perez180ehs -+at+-

Saiga Shotgun
Saiga Shotgun

Deer and Duck Hunting

The Saiga shotgun is currently quite popular in the El Paso area. It is available in 19-inch and 24-inch barrels and comes with 5 and two round magazines (larger capacity magazines are available as after market. Caveat emptor lest ye find yourself buying on the dafter market.). For both readers who don't know the Saiga is based on the AK-47 action.

Using a 24-inch barrel and a two round magazine the Saiga is a feasible duck gun.

Now all we need is for someone to develop a cartridge that duplicates .30-30 Win. performance in a 28-mm or so long package and build a semiautomatic blowback carbine (probably roller or gas delayed) using a wrap around bolt and loaded with a box magazine through its pistol grip and get Uziel Galil (or his heirs or assignees) to give this weapon his (their) imprimatur (OK ,so he's not a Pape but you get the point) and you'll have an Uzi that you can use to hunt deer.

We will be able to hunt ducks with AK-47's and deer with Uzis.

I love being a smartass!!

Crazy Al
c/o perez180ehs -+at+-

* I know 24-inches is on the short end of a gun for duckhunting and would require really careful selection and placement of shots and a lot of luck. Get a reliable smith to install a longer barrel or practice a lot with the 24" barrel. Bestter yet install the longer barrel and practice alot. The money thus spent will help shorten the current recession.


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