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Number 515, April 19, 2009

"The shot heard round the world"

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Guido Fawkes: The Libertarian Alliance Salutes a Brave Comrade
by Dr Sean Gabb
sean -+at+-

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

The Libertarian Alliance today congratulates Guido Fawkes for his services to democracy, and takes pride in a twenty year association with him.

[This news release is inspired by the attempted smear of Guido, whose real name is Paul Staines, by The Daily Telegraph on the 18th April 2009. This article is largely true in its factual claims, but presents them in a way intended to discredit his motives and his competence. Paul Staines has replied to this article on his own blog. For our overseas readers, Guido Fawkes runs a devastatingly effective blog that seeks to expose lies and corruption in public life. He has destroyed at least one ministerial career, and has turned the Prime Minister's private office upside down. He has become perhaps the most feared and hated man in British politics.]

According to Sean Gabb, Director of the LA:

"I have known Paul Staines since we met at a libertarian conference in October 1988. I knew from our first meeting that he was a man of outstanding abilities and have always respected his uncompromising libertarianism. We have over the years published a number of essays by him. These we list at the foot of this release. They are superbly written essays, and have been consistently among the most frequently accessed publications on our website.

"Since reducing the Prime Minister to stuttering incoherence, Paul has come under sustained attack by copytakers of the client media. Paul is fully able to look after himself. However, public statements of support by friends are often welcome at times like these. The Libertarian Alliance, therefore, wishes to congratulate Paul Staines (writing as Guido Fawkes) for his services to democracy and honesty in government and media in this country. He has done more than any other journalist to expose the lies and corruption at the heart of government in Britain. In doing this, he has exposed the nature and extent of collusion by the mainstream media in the lies and corruption.

"The Libertarian Alliance has contributed nothing to Paul's work in these respects, and can take no credit whatever for his achievements. But we are proud of our long association. For what it may be worth to him, he has our congratulations and our support.

"We salute our brave comrade."

Paul Staines has written the following for the Libertarian Alliance:

Economic Notes 69. Paul Staines, The Benefits of Speculation: A Bond Market Vigilante Replies to Will Hutton's 'The State We're In', 1996, 4pp.
ISBN: 1 85637 338 X
[.pdf file]

Foreign Policy Perspectives 18. Paul Staines, Human Rights and the Inevitability of Politics, 1990, 2pp.
ISBN: 1 85637 001 1
[.pdf file]

Political Notes 055. Paul Staines, Acid House Parties Against the Lifestyle Police and the Safety Nazis, 1991, 4pp.
ISBN: 1 85637 039 9
[.pdf file]

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